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Monday DT

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Hello all,
How has your day been everyone? Mine has been okay, did my exercises this morning and then I realised I needed to go to the bank as I had a lot of pennies I needed to convert to paper cash. It all added up to $46.50 They had been accumulating and I was sick of seeing them. A little extra money for me to save up. But the walk to the bank wasnt easy. Imagine carrying 4650 pennies in a backpack! I guess you could call it good weight training!
I have a lot on my mind, trying to figure things out but I guess it will come together in time. I hope!
I bought some of that cetaphil and tried it for the first time today, not bad so far.
The cats are all resting, whew, they were keeping me on my toes, good exercise, but tiring!

Have a great day everyone!
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oh my - that IS a lot of pennies to carry in a backpack!

nothing exciting today, really. just wanted to say hi!

ps. cetaphil?
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Cetaphil is a lotion, it seems pretty good so far, as I have combination skin and I have tried just about everything so far. Its light and it includes sunscreen which helps!
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I thought that's what you meant. I used the face wash for a while.
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I'm being a bit lazy, today - didn't sleep well, last night. I woke up, at 11:00 p.m. and didn't get back to sleep until around 5:00 a.m. I've been up since 8:30. Don't know what the problem is. This has ben going on, for over a week.

We're going to Sam's ultrasound. Should find out, about baby #2, today. Don't know if Mark will be there or not. If he is, I'll behave - I don't want to upset Sam.
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I'm having a pretty bad mental health day today. I'm just so stressed about our finances and if we'll be able to pay everything we need to pay. It's not looking real good right now, and with February coming up with 2 short pay periods in a row I'm freaking out even more. Our company laid off one of our engineers on Friday, but I didn't know about it until this morning. Puts a real damper on the day. The upshot is that hubby went to a job fair this morning and has a lead on a job that I really hope works out for him/us (see the thread "We can use all the help we can get").

$46 in pennies?!?! That definitely counts as weight training! LOL

Cindy, I hope that Mark shows up for the ultrasound. Sam needs all the support she can get, and although I know you and Bill are wonderful I'm sure she really wants him there too. I agree with you, though, he really needs a swift kick for putting her through all this. Let us know how the ultrasound goes!
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Well - it's the end of a long day. Our phones were cut off for a while while we scrambled to find a credit card with enough on it to get them back on.

But being off-line gave me the impetus I needed to FINALLY finish up that presentation for Judi (the lady who trapped Samoa and found him a home). I promised her I'd put together a presentation to help her lobby Amarillo for a low-cost spay/neuter program. Christy helped conduct all the research on the net to gather the info we needed for it, and I finally put it all together. Good thing I'd printed out all the stuff I wanted to refer to!

Kellye - glad you like the cetaphil so far. It's the lightest lotion I've found.

Cindy - I read in the baby update everything's great. YAY!!!!! I didn't get hardly any sleep last night either. It was one of those nights I just couldn't get comfortable and spend almost all night tossing and turning - dead tired, but wide awake.

Heidi - ditto for your thread. Keeping you guys in my prayers!

Hope everyone has a nice evening and sweet dreams tonight!

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