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For the CATS!
Murray County (Georgia)

Saving Shelter Pets works closely with Murray County Animal Control (Chatsworth, Georgia). Lately they have been overrun with cats and dogs. Sadly, the cats are suffering the most and almost none are being adopted or rescued.

With your help, we would like to sponsor a FREE SPAY DAY at the Murray County shelter. If we raise enough funds, we can offer FREE spays for the cats ––– and, if this program is successful, we can continue providing this service in the future.

Initially, we would like to try to focus on female cats, in order to try to see reduced numbers coming in to animal control.

Please donate today and earmark it for "Murray County Spay Day" and let's try to make a dent in the numbers coming into animal control that never leave the building!

Click here to donate today!

"Murray County Spay Day"

To spay a cat, it will cost us $65.
We can do 13 cats in one day.

Raised so far: $190 = Spays for Almost 3 Cats
GOAL: 13 Cats

Any donations above and beyond will go towards another day of free spays!!!

Any donation amount towards this FREE SPAY DAY will be greatly appreciated!
Help us make a better future for the kitties of Murray County.

These kittens don't deserve to be at animal control!
Please help us SPAY THE CATS of Murray County to prevent future litters who will end up on death row at animal control.

these kitties never made it out


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