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It's Reilly turn!

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Last but not least are some updated pictures of momma's favourite boy!!

His favourite place to sit

"I see a birdie!"

"My tail is not a toy mini kitty!"

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Wow Tracy- he's gorgeous!
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Tracy...He is just SO handsome, his eyes are crazy beautiful!...I LOVE THEM!!! I don't know how you stand it, I would be holding/hugging him all the time
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what a beauty
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Look at that mane, just like a little lion ... what a gorgeous boy Look how much bigger he is than Beautiful Molly!
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Reilly is BEAUTIFUL!

and the captions were great!
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Aww...there's our beautiful boy! He is so gorgeous!
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Good grief Tracy he's gorgeous!
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You really have a beautiful kitty!! You must be so proud.
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OMG does he just get more handsome every day?
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He is absolutely stunning.
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Reilly you are absolutely beautiful!! You look like one big cuddly teddy bear! Beautiful pictures Tracy.
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Oh my GOSH, fluff he's even got it between his toes!
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