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Your cat's endearing/odd/other behavior(s)

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Thought this could be a fun thread. Mukluk likes to drink out of the toilet- or terlet as I prefer to call it! She puts her front feet in the bowl. I just took a picture of her with her front half all the way in and just her rear end sticking out. Too funny. Stinkerbelle has to sit in the very best velvet chair in the house. Essie meows at 3 am or other inconvenient wee hours- further investigation shows that she has found a toy and is calling Mukluk and Stinkerbell (now that her daughters are all grown up, they completely ignore her).
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Zissou likes to lay across the doorway on her back like she's posing for Playboy, which she's actually doing right now. And she likes to get between the shower curtain and the liner while I'm in the shower and chase the water. And meow out the window incessantly at 3 am.

She's a weird one, to be sure.
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Essie is a fat lazy cat and she loves to loll about on her back- loves to have her tummy rubbed. She prefers to remain on her back and bat at the "string on a stick" toy rather than actually chase it. If under the influence of catnip she and Stinkerbelle get into wrestling matches which are quite entertaining. Stinkerbelle likes to run full speed up the stairs (stairs are new to her).
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Fluffy is so jealous of me it is hilarious. She will get in betweem my SO and me, and if he is rubbing my back, she will stick her head under his hand and make him pet her. I am a massage therapist, and once when I was giving him a massage on my table, she sat under the face cradle and rubbed his face with her paw, and gave him kitty kisses. The she decided she was going to jump on the table and "help" pushed my hands away, and started kneading in almost the same spot I had been working on. She will tolerate me if he is not around, but Miss Fluffy pretty much saves her cuteness all for him.
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Seamus will throw himself at my feet when I leave the house if I don't give him adequate attention before I do or if he's in that kind of mood... the day he was neutered a few weeks ago he laid on his back with his hind legs spread and aired out the goods, I think he wanted me to feel sorry for him cause he hasn't done it since... He rolls around and waits for me to acknowledge him by telling him how cute he is... he loves showing me his rear end, when he lays down with me his head is at my knee and I get his butt in my face... he hides paper towels I use as coasters under the couch or waits for me to throw crumpled ones for him and gets pissy if I don't throw to him and trash it... and when I play Tiger Woods on the Wii he makes chirping sounds and yells at me... I could go on because he is a very expressive cat... but in general he's very spoiled and very vain.
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one of my kitties will only drink out of the siamese fighter fish vase i have on my dining room table, so I have to top up the fish tank almost everyday. My other boy insists on climbing on my chest and kneading it with his paws while to licks my ears at the night before we go to sleep and promptly at 8:30 am after he meows in my face to wake me up. He also goes for walks on his harness and will sit beside his harness and meow loudly until I take him out.......atleast he is getting exercise!!!!
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Boo loves to run up to you screaming every time someone opens the fridge, and Zorro likes to fall (er...I mean try to drink) out of the toilet. We've had to start leaving the lid down or the floor gets wet.
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When i'm visiting at my mother's house (she breeds dogs) Casper likes to go into the little baby playpens that they keep the puppies in, and he likes to sleep with them.
It's so cute!
He knows there's no stopping him, because he easliy jumps in...
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Mia grunts/chirps at every little thing she finds exciting. My mother finds it annoying but I find it cute because I know she's enjoying herself! She also likes to cuddle up around my neck and start purring loudly at 3 in the morning, but luckily she doesn't do this every night.

Marble goes bonkers when it's time for her canned meal. I ask her "You hungrys" and she meows, starts purring, rubbing on me..the works. I think it'd funny she knows what I'm asking.

Both girls are obsessed with hunting. They LOVE Da Bird and if there's a fly or something in the room they are still looking for it 10 minutes after it's dead.

My mother's male cat loves to eat butter (helps pass his hairballs on through) and will jump on the sofa if you snap your fingers.
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My cat is an Exotic Shorthair-she has a tiny little mouth. She loves her canned food but needs it scooped into a little pile to help her eat. She will stop when her food has spreaded out on her plate and comes by me and waits until I scoop her food back into a pile. She has me trained well.
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Oreo- She finds toys and wanders around calling her "war cry" until she finds me to give her lots of praise. She also has a licking fetish. She just cannot lick us enough.
Snickers- She has the cutest meow when she is wanting something...very kitten like sound. She also jumps into our bath tub and paws at the sides until we turn it on for her to drink (can you say S-P-O-I-L-E-D? )
Tosh- He head butts me a lot. His favorite area to head butt is ...ummm, well my chest region.
Jazz- Even though we have only had him for three weeks, we find it funny how he talks constantly. Instead of meowing he does a "BRRRR" sound. Very funny. Our other cats I think find it disturbing.
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Brutus LOVES water. When his litter was young, we were training the kittens not to go near wires by means of a little spritz of water. After only a few squirts, the other two took off if before the bottle was even lifted! Brutus didn't like it at first; then he started trying to "FIGHT" the water stream. Then he would run up, and meow excitedly until we sprayed him. He liked to drink the water stream right out of the air until he was dripping wet. We eventually had to deprive him of the water bottle to punish him instead. Now he comes running every time we turn on the tap. He likes to drink from it, bat it, and stick his face right in. ^_^

Brutus also likes to sit in the space under my monitor, and in front of my keyboard, and rest his little face on the F-keys.

Brutus will also fight anything when he's in the mood. He'll fight your leg, his toy, the couch, the plant.. you can even pick him up, and turn him around when he's fighting with something, and he'll just fight the next nearest thing. We've nicknamed him Brutus the Destroyer.

Okage is different. She's a hugely mellow cat, very cuddly, and pliable. But she was an outdoor cat for a while, so she's quite a hunter! If you get her going, she turns into some sort of mini-panther. I've never seen such an agile cat!

She also likes to steal our socks and run around the house with them meowing. A throw-back I guess to the days she used to bring us mice, moles, voles, and birds.

BOTH cats like to take turns hunting one another. It's hard to tell who wins.
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Sonic is the world's biggest pig. He came from a good breeder and has never wanted for food, but to see him eat you would think he were just in off the streets. Most cats will bat with their paw at the moving mouse pointer on the computer screen, but mine is covered in smears because Sonic just goes straight in with his mouth and tries to eat it.

Sonic also can't seem to lie down and curl up gracefully. Radar will gently get himself into a good lying position, but when Sonic wants to spend some time on your lap he will walk onto you and then throw himself down where he is as if his legs have suddenly stopped working, it feels like a bag of wet sand being dropped into your lap from a height. Half on and half off your lap with legs all over the place - and then when he inevitably starts to slip off he digs his claws in

Radar will not leave my feet alone. He ignores Nate's feet, but he bugs my feet at every opportunity. Since he decided to start sleeping in the bedroom with us I am woken most mornings by his little paws batting at my toes. I don't think the novelty will ever wear off for him!
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Shmee is still not convinced he can't get to the fish through the glass. Every morning he has to bat at the tank and sniff around the edges looking for a way in.

Gizmo lays on her back about 80% of the time. She looks like road kill.

Beastie acts as though he is starving to death. Everytime the fridge is opened he must run up to the open door and try and sniff out the food. Closing the door can be a real chore as he can be pretty insistant. He will even meow and swat at your feet to get you to leave him alone.

Zagnut lays with her paws crossed like a little princess.

Button, Bob, Beastie and Uno can all tell when the laser pointer has moved in any way. All you have to do is pick it up and they all come running in the livingroom looking for the "red dot"

Pennie has a meow that sounds like her panties are on to tight.
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Cassy picks up those furry cat mice, throws them up into the air and lets them land, then goes crazy trying to do this all over again.
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I've taught my boys to talk to husband would say, too much. They all know their names and will come when called (except for baby Fuggle, but he's only 10 weeks old). Of course, they all know the words "eat" and "hungry" and "food" and let us know when dinner time is! The cutest thing they do, though, is when I go to bed, I tell each of them good night, individually. They meow back at me to tell me good night too!
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Sophie jumps on the side of the shower in between the shower curtain and the curtain liner when I'm taking a shower and jumps up at the water spatters hitting the clear liner. It's sooooo cute!!!
I always say "Sophie, ready to come take a shower?" and as soon as the water is running he's in there standing by me waiting for me to get in.

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There's a ledge that sits on the desk which the computer sits on and underneath is a place to put the keyboard when not in use, and Molly looooves to sleep there while I'm on the computer. Both of the girls love to be inside of things, and many time I've gone to pick up a blanket to fold it up only to have a cat roll out!

Polly had a string that she was obsessed with. She just adored it. She would sit at my feet and bring it to me over and over, trying to get me to play with it. When she wasn't doing that she would sleep curled up next to it with her paw rested on it. Sadly "The String" got sucked up into the vacuum and hasn't been found yet. She has another one that she loves but it's just not as special at the Original String. The others are ribbons are merely mediocre to her.

Polly and I have conversations. Well, I talk to her anyway, but we have long, meowing conversations in which we enjoy many tones to meow at eachother. She ranges from a small, defeated meow and a loud, demanding meow to tell me she wants dinner or play time NOW. I meow back at her and she responds- we go at that for a while.

Molly has the teeniest, tiniest meow that is barely audible. It sounds like a fly sneeze.

One of my very favorite thing Polly does is this: She drapes her body over the back of the kitchen chair and reaches over and plays with her own tail. She jumps and wriths around having the time of her life as if her tail is "sneaking up on her."

She also sits on my chest with her face right in front of mine, trying to wake me up and let me know she needs to eat right then and there and 4 AM. If you haven't guessed, she loooves food.

I don't know how she does it, but when she lies down it's as if she's flat. I find myself thinking, "Where do her insides go when she does that?"

Molly has a ritual of coming over to me when I'm reading or on the computer, purring like a motor and kneading me, and sitting flat on my book or on the keyboard. She's signed me off line a few times while I was in the middle of something.
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I'm still grinning like a loon after Nikita doing one of her quirky but sweet things.

Basically whenever she has finished "killing" one of her toys, she stalks off with it in her mouth and carries into the hallway where my purse tends to be and then stuffs the toy in there and watches for it to try to escape. I've found little toy mice and a bunch of feathers in there at work sometimes.

Although this doesn't bode well for the next time she'll get an actual mouse, odds are I'll find it in my purse.

Right now she's playing with a ruined Da Bird (off the pole) and flinging it high up in the air before pouncing on it again and basically acting like a hyper kitten. So adorable.

She also sometimes meows lots and is very restless until I come to her and then she'll go and eat her dry food purring like madly while I pet her. I have no idea what's going on in her mind then.
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Max is a lover cat. He is totally snuggly and if hubby and I have not gone to bed by about 11pm he comes out into the living room and yells at us because he's ready to get into the bed for the night!

He also loves to sleep on my pillow and will very slyly push me off while I'm sleeping. I wake up with my head on the mattress and him sprawled out belly-up on my pillow most nights of the week!

Simon is my alarm clock. After my alarm goes off in the morning, he waits 5 to 10 minutes and then will climb onto my chest and meow in my face to wake me up! (Unfortunately, he doesn't understand weekends either!)
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Frankie loves to pounce at me and then if I let out a little scream he runs around in circles like he's so happy that he made me scream. When he knows that I'm coming up the hall, he hides around the corner and pounces in front of me just as I get to the corner. Sometimes he'll lay in his tube and let me walk past it and jumps out just as I get to the end of the tube. I'm so used to it that it doesn't startle me anymore but I scream sometimes just cuz he's so happy when I let out a scream. He doesn't do it to my husband. We figure that's cuz he never screams.
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