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Meet Hopper & Opal

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This is TC and I came across this site when looking for some information. I really like this website and this is the first time ever I post anything on a BBS forum.

Hopper and Opal are both about 1 & 1/2 year old. Hopper loves cantaloupes and tomatoes (btw, is this normal? I heard some cats do like cantaloupes…but tomatoes??!). Opal is very timid but loves to sleep with her belly up.

I look forward to sharing more stories about Hopper and Opal with you and learn about your cats too!

Here are their pictures~~
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Oh how sweet! I have cats that eat peaches, spaghetti sauce, raisins, pineapple and crackers- not all at once.

I love your kitties!!!
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Here are some X'mas pictures of Hopper and Opal
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Awww I love those pictures!

My cat Buffy used to eat tomatoes if they were left on the kitchen counter.


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Welcome to the site! Your furbabies are just gorgeous! Love both sets of pics you put up.

This was my first foray into posting on Boards and I have to warn you this place is quite addictive. There are so many nice and wonderful people here and so much knowledge you may find yourself checking in here more than you ever thought possible.

I look forward to getting to know you, Hopper and Opal in the forums!
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What sweet looking kitties you have!!!
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Cute kitties!

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Looks like you have a handful!
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Love your cats!! And yes, many cats eat 'strange' human foods! My Nakita loves anything salty but also loves Greens+ (nutritional powder).

Hope you join us in the lounge so we get to know you and your pets better!!

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