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I found....

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I found a kitten that is about 12-13 wks old in a parking lot outside of the store who has a limp in the back leg I dont have the money to fix him/her this time....and we cant keep her we are at a legal limitWhat can I do?
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Go to petfinders and look at all of the rescues in your area, get on the phone and call them all. This baby needs medical attention and they should be able to guide you on where and what to do.
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I called they asked if we could keep her for tonight and call tomorrow and gave me a couple of #'s bc the vet doesnt feel she is in dire need of care at the moment she said she felt like the kitten could wait until tomorrowf and that is the only emergency clinic in the area
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That just so sad ...... do you have any other rescues to call beside her? Just keep calling anyone and everyone in your area, someone should come through.
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