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Getting colder now..

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I'm getting into the first fall season with my kittens (5.5 mos old). Last night was the first night it felt cold - it was maybe 45-50 degrees outside. I prefer cooler temperatures and usually cover up with an extra blanket or put more clothes on until I absolutely need to use the heat...but I want to make sure the cats are comfortable - and they have all that nice fur, but does anyone know app. what temperature they start feeling uncomfortable?
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I keep my thermostat to 65 in the winter. Zissou seems fine with that. My sister keeps hers at 55 in a 1930s frame house, and the cats curl up and sleep. I think that's a little extreme, but they don't get sick or anything.

Think of what you would be comfortable in with a sweatshirt on, and that's about what cats can tolerate. I love cold too, I wouldn't mind if it were always in the 50s or below outside

Are your kittens any kind of breed, especially anything with less hair or from very warm climates? If not, keep your thermostat wherever you want and just watch the kittens for signs of being cold.

And Zissou would like to add that a heating blanket never hurt anyone, and they make beds with heating pads just for cats.
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Thanks - the heating blanket sounds like something a kitty would really love! I just have domestic medium hairs (they are very fluffy) - no specific breed.
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Probably minus temps.....

We don't have our heat on - was about 60 in the house the other morning. They just curl up under the covers if they get too cold.
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I'm near Philly (in South Jersey, technically) and it got kind of chilly here last nite (high 40's I think)... my bed's right next to the window, which I left open (when I was in college, I'd have to turn the AC on at night cuz sleeping with Olvier makes me sweat!)... Oliver slept with me right in front of that window all nite.... haha Kittie's are quite good at generating body heat and will find ways to keep warm if they're chilly... I'm pretty sure you'd be feeling uncomfortably cold way before your kitty would, but extra blankets and an invitation to snuggle under them with you probably won't be turned down
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During the winter, indoor temp is about 60-65. I have a self warming thermal pad for my cats that I put over their bedding. One of my cat likes to sleep under the blanket close to me during the winter. I guess she gets warmth from me while my other one sleeps near my legs: he has more insulation from his fat! hehehehe

I think the electric heating pad is not a bad idea. I sleep with a heating pad during the winter so my cats does too~
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