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Quarantined new kitten

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Hi. we have a 6 year old neurtered cat already that is indoor only. Firday night we got an 8 week old kitten. brought home and put in our guest bathroom until i could take it to the vet on saturday morning for a check-up. check-up went good except that the kitten has ringworm. needless to say, we are going to have to keep it quarantined for a couple of weeks at least until we are over this. problem is that the kitten cries all the time, i know it is lonely and scared, but i have to keep it in the bathroom while we are medicating him. i have been going in to play and medicate him. he is eating and using litter box fine, it is just that when i leave he cries and cries. Question: i don't know if i should keep on playing with him or just go in to medicated him only and ignore him until we get over this and can introduce him to the family (includes the other cat)
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I would definitely play with him! Not always when he cries, but often enough.
Kittens need a lot of interaction. He will learn at some point that you will come back.
And even if it wasn't for the ringworm, the introduction of a new cat takes time and patience. I had my little Soleil locked up in the guest bathroom for one week and afterwards in the guestrooom to give a bit more space. Only then I could slowly let her around Singa.. and there was still a lot of hissing and grumbling coming fromm Singa's side

Does he have enough toys to play with on his own?

Good luck!
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yes, i am swaping out different toys at a time, but he does not seem interested in the toys, even when i am playing with him with the toys, he just wants to be petted and loved. it is breaking my heart to hear him cry.
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He's still awfully young. He might prefer a big stuffed animal to cuddle. Even at 8 weeks, they are often with their momma for another 4 weeks in a perfect world. I would definitely spend lots of time with him. But you do know that YOU can get ringworm too?
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yes, i have read up and researched about ringworm. that is why i am the only one tending to him not the kids or husband. i am putting on socks before i go in and removing them before i come out, washing hands and trying not to handle him too much. wearing rubber gloves when i medicate him, the whole works. i have read where it is not good to give them anything that cannot be sterilized each day, such as a cat bed or stuffed/plush play toys and such. so i am giving him toys that can be cleaned properly. see, thats the problem if i gave him a plush/stuffed animal, i would have to throw it out the next day. I hate this so much for him, but i am more afraid of the ringworm.
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