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jinx 4-5months old

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first i apoligise for the pictures am using my mobile at the moment for all my pictures.

jinx watching the dogs

taking a walk on the wild side

watching the dogs again

posing for the camera if only mummy could take a good picture with that phone.
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watching those dogs very closely such a cutie
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Handsome little guy!!
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Oh very handsome young man
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Those pictures are perfect for coming from a mobile phone

What a gorgeous glossy coat Jinx has as well
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Yeah, don't mind the quality--it's pretty clear how pretty that cat is! And black cats are usually so hard to photograph too!
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You took those with a camera phone...? I only wish my pictures with my camera would turn out half as nice!

I love the first and last pictures of Jinx - that is one beautiful black cat.
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Aww, Jinx is gorgeous!! Your phone takes great pictures!
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Awwww little Jinx you are so handsome ......... and what shiny fur you have.
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wow, those are actually awesom pics for a cam phone!

look at that thick tail!!
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