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I feel your pain! The last time i went to the hospital i had to wait longer than you did (and i have insurance) . Our hospitals around here are slow as dirt depending on your problem. Luckily though while i was waiting to be seen by a doctor they at least got me on an IV drip and potassium/etc and the nurses were friendly. I was polite to them and i think it helped the situation- i noticed that when i was polite to my nurses- they were more likely to do little things to keep me more comfortable- getting me a warm blanket, trying to get me in a room asap, - it definitely helped.I definitely appreciated that because i felt like i was in the worst pain ever. I am soo sorry you were treated badly at your hospital. There is no excuse for that. The only reason i had to wait soo long at ours is because it was soo croweded- so i understood the doctors were just swamped. When I finally did get mine though- he was very kind/polite. (still doesn't excuse such a long wait - but it helped!)

Is there any way you could let a supervisor at your local hospital know in a polite way (maybe a written letter?) that you were not treated properly/etc? They definitely need that brought to their attention so it doesn't happen again I would have been upset too love- i don't blame you! Especially not when you were scared and in pain!

Is there any way to get your hubby to drive you to the other hospital as soon as he can? I hope you're able to get the care you need there and they have some answers to your medical problems
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
...It's really not the fault of the ER personnel when people are forced to wait for hours, but more of the lack of universal health insurance in the U.S....
I'm sure that's true. I think TV has conditioned us to expect everyone in the ER to be running around at top speed, barking orders and yelling "Stat!" all the time -- but in reality, people simply cannot work at warp speed throughout an entire shift. So when they don't appear to be hurrying, we patients feel they don't recognize the urgency of our situation, and we become resentful.

Also, an ER shift is likely to be 12 or 16 hours or more (another absurdity of our healthcare system), so we're dealing with staff who are being grossly overworked to begin with.

One thing that would help is waiting rooms that are less like torture. If there were softer lighting instead of glaring overhead fluorescents... if there were benches as well as chairs, so someone feeling really awful could lie down if necessary... little things like that would make it easier.

And every ER waiting room should have a prominent sign that reminds people of the principles of triage and explains why it's really not possible to predict how long their wait may be... and thanks them for their patience!
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I am so sorry about all that. That is just totally uncalled for!!
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