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Any one know..........

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Hi just figured I put this out there.

I am part time fostering a moma kitty and 3 kittens (1 girl & 2 boys). Mom will have a home, the girly and one boy have good forever homes after they are spayed/neutered, etc. Now we need one more loving, foreverhome for Buddy the other boy. He is 10 weeks old,.

Get ready for this: He is just the cutest, patooty pie - orange and cream, marble tabby. He loves to be carried around, loves to sit on your lap and reaches up to your face with his little paws. Awwwwwwwwww I wish my boy would allow him to come home - but that's just wishful thinking on my part.

Anyway, as you can see I am located in Central Jersey, and would apprciate it if you know of someone special - and I mean that they have to be SPECIAL PEOPLE, for this love bug.

You can e-mail me at hell603@hotmail.com


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see if your vet has a bulletin board so you can put up a flier with a picture of your kitty. I have a questionaire for people who wish to take home one of my kitties. It askes the improtant questions like will the kitten be an indoor or outdoor kitty? Do you have a vet? Do you plan to de-claw the kitty? This way I can weed out the people that think of cats as things not beings. It really helps in weeding out those who aren't ready to own a pet.
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I'm going to move this to the SOS forum, and hopefully you'll find a good home for this little guy!!
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Teresa - thanks - I am using the form the Shelter uses which covers all the stuff you mentioned. Any potential moms and dads for Buddy will also
be "interegated" ;0))).

I have already declined three potentials, one on the basis of wanting to declaw, the other because the guy had no job - what made him possible think he could take on the responsibility ???? The third was a lady who really wanted him and she would have been the best mom - but she wanted to suprise her husband with Buddy. I told her she needed to talk to her husband first since I would not let him go into an uncertain situation. Never heard from her again.

So, In case anyone knows of a good, loving forever home please e-mail me. He is just the best little guy.


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Helen, This baby sounds like a little doll! Whoever gets him will be very lucky. Wouldn't it be great if it was one of our members?
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Update - Buddy went to his forever home this past Saturday. The family that has adopted him has 2 dogs and had one 15 yr old cat that died from stomach cancer last fall. They were looking to make their family complete again. And get this the lady is a VET who went into research - nothing that deals with lab animals - because she could not deal with people bringing in perfectly healthy pets to be euthanized because they did not want them anymore for one reason or another. He'll be in a loving home where he will never have a want for the rest of his live. YEAH - HAPPY Ending
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Helen!! You made my day. This is the best possible way Buddy's problem could have been solved. This touches my heart. I am sharing your joy! Thank you so much for the good news!
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What wonderful news! You just made my day!!!
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