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I knew it!

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Yang is a boy! ROFL! Remember back when I posted the pictures of Yin and Yang's privies? Well, everyone kept saying that Yin was a boy and Yang was a girl and I stoof by my belief that the pics just didn't do justice. Well, I was right, lol. Yang is indeed a boy!

I checked his privates and say some teeny tiny "bits" forming, haha.

I guess that would also explain why he's so much bigger then Yin(almost 3 ounces more!).
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It happens - I know vets who can get kitten sexes wrong!
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Yeah, little stinkers! They're pretty darned good at hiding their "bits" lol.

Also, the person who was going to adopted them changed their mind because Yang turned out to be a boy. So, I'm back to page 1.
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hmmm that is so silly - I much prefer boys to girls....
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