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Well got my 6 month female fixed friday,she seems real down,not herself,must be the pain meds and anththeisa? Cant wait till she is herself again! Hope she isnt mad at me. i hope she doesnt pull her stiches out while im at work,what if she pulls on them?
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Is she licking her incision a lot? When my female was spayed last month they made her wear an e-collar so she couldn't lick and bite her incision. Hope your kitty is feeling better soon. Mine was a bit quite the day after her surgery as well. She was back to her playful self in a couple of days though. In fact, we had to keep her confined for 10 days because she wanted to run and jump with the other kitties!
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she only licked a couple times,so far so good.
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Spaying females is major surgery so it stands to reason you will be a little out of it for a few days. She may or may not eat her regular amount of food - by end of next week she will be fine. Usually they are at their worse for a few days; then back to normal
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lol she is eating alright more than normal.
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she seems to be doing ok,back to her crazy self again,.lol. where her incision is i see waht looks like a small scab hope that is normal?
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