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He doesn't like his food?

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I'm worried that my cat (6 months) does not like his current food... When I first adopted my cat, the adoption center gave ScienceDiet (Kitten) dry food. He eat it, but rarely. One day I gave him fancy feast, he eat the whole can so fast like he's very hungry..could it be that he's starving because he doesn't like/eat his Science Diet Food? Is it ok if I feed him 2 cans of FancyFeast food every day?

And does anyone know how many time I must change his dry food per day?
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Cats I've observed seem to wolf down Fancy Feast just because it is delicious to them. My kittens will inhale that, even after they just had their dry food! I don't think it necessarily means that cat is overly hungry (though it might).

According to my kittens' dry food bag, a 6 pound kitten at 6 months old should eat about 3/4 cup of kitten food per day (give or take...every cat is different)....I'd monitor/measure how much the cat eats every day to see if it really is as little as you think. If the kitty really isn't eating, maybe it would be good to try another food

I give my kittens 1/8 of a cup of dry food app. every 3 hours (well, when I am not at work), at the vet's suggestion. They like it fresh. They don't eat it all, though.
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He may like the flavor of the cans better... He may which is a good thing like WET food to dry.. yes two cans is okay ...
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didnt realize I posted in wrong forum lol (sorry and thanks for moving ! )

Thanks for the advice guys! Yeah he ate maybe 4-5 pellets of the dry food, maybe I will just give him 10 pellets for every 3 hours, so the food won't be wasted. And a can of wet food once a day.
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No issue I post things in wrong forums at times

try reading this thread as I take it this may be 1 st kitty>>

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FF is ok more as a treat. If he likes canned better, why not give him some higher quality canned food and vary the flavors too so he won't become picky.
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when I got my cats, the shelter sent me home with 2 bags of Science Diet. I realized pretty quick they didn't like it, and I switched to something else. I think that in addition to being a not very good food, Science Diet doesn't taste very good either.
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