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Cat Fancy Magazine

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Just in case you missed it - I have a special offer on a subscription for Cat Fancy:

It really is a great price - cheaper than the offer they give you in the magazine itself and the best I could find on the internet. Yes, I do get a commish, but I could get them from other suppliers. I chose this one because I think it's the best deal out there.

As for the magazine itself - I enjoy it every month. Any other subscribers here who want to give their opinion?
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I just bought my first issue of cat fancy about 3 weeks ago. I found it interesting. I was hoping for more tips that I could use. Again I think it boils down to expectations. Anne I would order a subscription in a heartbeat but I just bought a littermaid self cleaning litter box & it came with a free subscription sorry
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Anne: I will check this out. I have been thinking about subscribing to Cat Fancy for some time. I knew there was a reason I waited. . . . .
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