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Has any tried the new "PETCO" cat trees/scratchers?

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Hi folks,

I'm always looking for cat furniture that isn't tacky looking (I reallly don't like the idea of carpet covered cat trees in my house). So, I was surfing online the other day and saw these products on petco's site: http://www.petco.com/Shop/petco_Prod...04+30+612.aspx

They don't look half-bad and are less expensive than most cat trees. Has anyone tried them or the realted scratching posts?

They look similar to the "lotus" cat tree, but at about half the cost...maybe I should just hold out for the lotus. http://www.therefinedfeline.com/

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Finally, stylish cat furniture! I like the Lotus products--especially the litter box! I think if someone was skilled enough or had a hubby, bf, or whomever, it would cheaper to make the cat tree like the one on the PetCo web site.

I've bookmarked to Lotus page!
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Well darn - I like those better then the one we got currently (from Petco). Ours was around $100 and is 3 levels - 2 bottom shelves (tower) and a circle bed on top.

We've had it for over a year (bought after we moved) and its still in good shape
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definately interesting ... would look way out in my house
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I'd love to get Oliver a nice big cat tree, but A) we're back living with my parents right now and there's not really room for one and B) I'm always worried I'll go spend a bundle on something cool like that and he'll have NO interest: example - I bought him one of those lambskin snuggle balls from fosters and smith... I figured since he liked stealing my bean bag chair and I was living in an older, drafty first floor (door opens to the outside) apartment in State College, PA (ie THE TUNDRA in the winter) that he'd love it... he stepped in it twice, but ADORES the box it came in! So in the end, I spent $35 on a giant floor pillow for me (that I didn't want haha) and a box...

Most recently, I decided to make my own 3 foot scratching post instead of buying one... he loves it! I bet if I'd spent 100 bucks on one the same size from the store, he'd hate it haha
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I have a few of their older cat trees but not the new ones. I like the old ones; they are durable and large enough for my big kitties.
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I heard Petco trees were poorly made (bad wood and cardboard) and after looking at them in our local store, I wasn't happy with the quality.. I just got this one off ebay for $110. I made a thread about where to get a larger *cheap* one.. My boy Petrie is so destructive and I know he'll end up ruining it at some point. But anyway.. Its 78" tall (about 6'6), 42in" long, and 38" wide... So its a mammoth of a cat tree and I've always thought bigger is better for my "babies".. I paid $96 for shipping and $15 for the tree.. lol Thats what I was told to do here and I'm glad I did!!

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Thanks for your replies and comments everyone.
BuzbyJLC10- I have the same problems as you right now (I'm currently living with my parents and I don't have the money to spend on a tree, AND they probably wouldn't like it if I did...

Since I've got the two kittens, they've been trying to climb all over EVERYTHING, so I figured a tree would interest them (and they're still young enough to hopefully "train" them to like it).

I just bought them a verticle scratching post from catclaws.com, so, I'm hoping that they'll like it (and leave the drapes alone)... We'll see. But, at least it was less expensive than the ones that PETCO carries and it isn't carpet (I don't like the idea of "training" them to scratch on ANY kind of carpet). So, we'll see how that goes.

They've discontinued the "little lotus", so I guess I might as well start saving up some money for the large lotus ($299 I believe), or wait until the petco trees get feedback on their website and hope that it's positive.

I still like the looks of the lotus better AND you can get replacement scratching surfaces and shelves for it (not an option with the petco trees).

Perhaps I could ask the parents for a lotus for christmas not that they'ed get me one to sit somewhere in their house, but it's worth a shot, right? That and a litter robot and I will be a very happy camper (not that the cats would use that after I buy it either).

Does anyone know of any other cat trees that aren't carpet covered?

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