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Help finding Semi-Moist food

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I have a new kitten (maybe 6 mo. old now) and he is very particular about what he eats.
He doesnt seem to be a fan of dry kibble or canned loaf/sliced/shredded food that is terribly wet.
So I am looking for a reasonably priced semi-moist food that offers complete nutrition, but cant seem to find any.
If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

thx in advance
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Unfortunately, there really aren't any left in the US that I know of. There used to be one (Tender Vittles) but apparently it's not being produced anymore. Have you tried different kinds of dry kibble--brand, flavor, and shape (some cats find it easier to eat certain shapes)? You can also look for some canned foods that are a bit dryer--Natural Balance Venison and Pea always seems to be drier than their other foods.

While slightly risky, you can try dampening the dry food with a teaspoon or two of warm water. Be aware that if you do this, you should treat it like wet food and only leave it down for a little while. Some foods, particularly those with lots of grain, shouldn't have this done at all as they may have mycotoxins (http://www.blakkatz.com/dryfood.html).
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I am feeding a mom cat who doesn't like dry or wet food. I tried Innova Evo and she likes it.

This food has a strong, dark, almost chocolate smell and some cats really bond with it, while others only like it now and then to have something different.

It might be worth trying for your cat. It is dry food but the texture is softer than most dry food.
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Oh I almost forgot, the mom's kittens eat this food too; they seem to prefer it to their kitten food.

And this food is not cheap but since it is dry food, it will not break you either.
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I don't believe semi-moist food is produced any more, as there were often problems with bacteria. Innova is a fairly "dry" canned food, as are Eagle Pack and Ziwi Peak. The latter (ZP) is very expensive, though.
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