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Having a bad day

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It is a day short of a fortnight to Ginger's anniversary, and I am really struggling - never had this problem before, but I did always know he would be the hardest of all my cats to lose, he was such a special boy, and I dont think I will ever meet a cat as special and wonderful as him. And to make things even harder on myself, Ginger is dominating my thoughts, and i dont even seem to be thinking of Pebbles much, which makes me feel guilty, although it was easier with her, as she had so many illnesses, I know I did the right thing, whereas Ginger's was such a shock, and while he was only 15, he had spent 3 years on the streets. I cant even make myself feel better by thinking of all the good things, like taking him off the streets when no one else would, and getting his teeth sorted cos he could barely eat, and keeping my promise that this would be his last home. I miss him so much, and dont even feel like the same person I was this time last year at the moment. Miss you my wonderful man, I so wish you were still here with me.
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I know how hard it is the face the anniversary of the passing of a loved one, be it a furbaby or human. I also know how hard it is to realize that it's been a year since your baby has passed on. I hope the pains lets up a bit for you, and you can get to the point where you remember all of the good things you shared with Ginger, instead of the pain of not having him here with you now. He will always be with you and a part of your life, as long as you remember him. He is waiting for you at The Rainbow Bridge and you will be together again, and it will be even better than you remembered here on earth.
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Oh Sweetie Im so very sorry. I cant add to what Hope said, so I will send you my well wishes and hugs to help you through this difficult time
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Thinking of you and Ginger with lots of love and prayers.
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Your little boy will be looking at you sending kitty kisses all the way down from the bridge

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Never doubt that Ginger is watching over you everyday, he knew how very much you loved him
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Ginger was certainly a very special little man I'm pleased and honored to have met him

He will forever be with you, in your heart

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Thanks guys, I dont normally struggle so much with anniversaries, and Ginger wasn't the first cat I lost, or even the first cat I 'owned', but he was the most special. Molly is a close second, but I feel sorry for her at the moment as I keep pushing her away.
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
Thanks guys, I dont normally struggle so much with anniversaries, and Ginger wasn't the first cat I lost, or even the first cat I 'owned', but he was the most special. Molly is a close second, but I feel sorry for her at the moment as I keep pushing her away.
It's perfectly ok hunny, perfectly normal and it's your way of grieving. I have lost three in three years' time and I honestly was catatonic. There's not a day where I don't think of my beloved, stoic, dignified Sasha as he was with me the longest - 14 years! and I feel guilty over ignoring Sam in my grief, but then I realize Sam already knows I'm sad and brings us closer together. Sammy is of great comfort to me and Sasha would have wanted it that way....
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Thanks a lot, it means a lot - I am feeling a lot better about it now. i have lost 7 in 5 years, and i did always know he was going to be the hardest, I still dont think I am the same person as before though, I feel a lot quieter and let things go a lot more than I used to.
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Thinking of you and your Ginger during this difficult time. I can't imagine dealing with all that loss in such a short time

Even though you can't see him, your boy is always with you
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Awwww, I am so sorry
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Anniversaries are so hard - you keep wanting time to go backward and wonder if you had done things differently...

But we have to live through it, and Ginger was special to you and you and he are lucky you found each other. Take comfort from the fact that you gave him something he would never had had - a loving home.
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AG - it can be hard, but as all bar one were oldies, I know that I gave them a wonderful home for however long they had left, and that normally comforts me. I think with Ginger going so suddenly and unexpectedly, that is why it is harder.
Thanks Jenny, I am sure I will be able to find comfort in things at some point, I just dont know when at the moment. I am fine with PEbbles' loss, despite it being so soon after.
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It is strange how the loss of one cat can be so much harder than others. | just lost one that lived outside that I took care of for five years, and am suffering much harder than I expected.

Maybe Molly is also grieving and you can find comfort from each other.
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I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time. I can imagine myself in your shoes in a year though. I am sure Ginger knows how much you did for him and he loves you as much as you love him!
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Ginger, and the more recent loss of Pebbles. I hope that you find peace soon.

Rest in peace, Ginger. Rest in peace, Pebbles. You were both truly loved.

Gentle hugs to you, Booktigger my friend. Bless you for taking in the older kitties!
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Thanks Becki, it means a lot. When I get back off my hols (go in 10 days for a week), I am taking in another two oldies as fosters, both expected to be here to live their days out. Might have taken me a while to get an oldie this year, but will be a good tribute to Ginger, shame I Couldnt have gotten them on his anniversary really.
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