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What rights do I have?

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Well a few weeks ago I took my laptop to Firedog (in Circuit City) after the wireless on it quit working.. The tech there said he didn't know what to do and would send it back to HP for them to fix it since the problem that was going on was still under warranty. My laptop is only 6 months old and this should NOT have happened.. So I called last Friday and they said they received my laptop on the 5th and it would be back to Firedog within a week.. Well yesterday was a week.. So I call HP back.. They told me that they had just received my computer on Thursday (the 13th - again they got it on the 5th right?) and that the computer was completely broken from a liquid spill and the motherboard needed replaced for $700 because it wouldn't turn on.. WHAT??!! There was nothing wrong with my computer like that when I dropped it off!! The firedog tech played with my computer as we left to try and figure out the problem on his own... Now that my computer is RUINED, I don't want it back! I did not send it in that condition and I don't want it fixed because I don't want a "refurbished" computer.. I only needed another wireless card.. I didn't pay $1200 for that to happen!

Firedog made me sign a paper that stated if anything happened my comptuer would be replaced. Can I demand that Circuit City replaces my computer and deals with the now broken one with HP? There are no documents on the old laptop because I was speaking with a tech on the phone with HP before I took my laptop back and we did a complete system recovery which put it back to factory settings...

I'm so mad and I don't know what to do... I want to go into Circuit City and talk to their managers... This is my 2nd laptop from them (purchased another last fall) and HP just blew me off.. I'm not going to deal with it..
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I'd read the fine print to make sure they didn't add any loopholes that made them not liable for damages during transport. Someone must've spilled their morning coffee and didn't want to get in trouble with the boss. If there isn't, I would make them send you a new one of the same laptop or better.
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Don't waste your time with the techs... walk in, with that paper in hand, and ask for a replacement. Also, if HP is still willing to listen and help, get them to fax or email you a quote for the damage, in excruciating detail. If the tech had written up something about why you brought it in, have that as well. To cover ALL your bases.

Oh yeah, and don't discuss it with anyone else in the store... just walk up to Cust. Service and ask for the store manager. Don't bother with anyone else. They may (if catty enough) may give their own biased opinion of why you're there to the manager as they're retrieving said manager. Just ask for the store manager. Period. Don't answer their questions.

Don't get worked up, either. Just explain as calmly as possible what happened. If you have the repair quote directly from HP and the papers from when you dropped it off, you have proof of what happened. They can't mess around and give you cr**. If they do, calmly tell them you'll be contacting headquarters and may you have their name. That, if the manager isn't a complete idiot, will get his/her attention.

Assuming you're a female (most of us here are), don't let them talk down to you. Most computer boys automatically talk down to us in the stores... there's a webcomic strip that portrays my sentiments on this exactly... but it's not fit to share on this site... it's not exactly... *ahem* ... family friendly.

Have paper backup, as much as possible (if you think it's too much, then it's just enough), and stay calm. Don't give them a reason to call you hysterical and bring security in.

I've worked in stores like this (initials are BB), and seen how women are treated. And the kind of run-arounds they pull. Can't stress it enough: get your paperwork. From all sources. Then go in and at least act like you know what you're doing.

Good luck.
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