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Cat marked in sand.

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I've just started uploading my artwork to a website called Deviant Art. There are some excellent pieces of work there.

Look at this oneSand kitty
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Hey thats a great picture - did you do it BuNN?
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Hmmm it was probably done in photoshop. The Emboss tool I would guess.

Deviant Art, I've been there quiet a few times.

Bunn: Have you taken any tutorials for photoshop? If your into graphics I think you would really like them.
I've been doing graphic work for years... and I greatly enjoy doing the tutorials and they have helped me learn "or rather memorize" how to achieve a lot of effects, you can see some of my work here, but my most recent stuff is not on there.

Digital Imaging - By Angel

If you'd like the link to some fun tuts (including similar examples of what I have on that page) I will gladly give them to ya!
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Hey that is great work Angel!
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The sand kitty isn't my work, just found it while browsing Deviant, I stick with landscapes and recently I've started modelling. (Not that type, silly)

I'd love to learn more about Photoshop, it's such a confusing program, lol makes my head hurt when it starts loading.

Your images are great Angel, I love the text ones, especially the 'Rain' one. The photos look great too, do you use a standard handheld with film or a digital camera?

I have a great digital camera which allows me to take pictures of anything (admittly it's nearly always Suki)
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Thanks for your compliments.

Landscapes are wonderful, I did those in my younger years, and have been thinking about getting back into it. My new house is set in a pretty picturesk area, I could just walk out on my balcony and take a few shots, but unfortunatly I haven't found that spefic center mark or angle that allows me to like enough to take an image... I'm working on it.

I used to use the standard 35mm cameras I have 3 different ones of those. But we've had a nice Sony digital cam for a couple years now and I use that most the time. Mainly just because film and film development is too expensive for me right now.
All the one's on those pages were taken with the digital camera, but there was no effects added to them. Just straight from the camera, resized and that's it.
The Appilachion ones. I took a great deal of those while I was driving down the road. (I'm such a geek.) The road was too windy and narrow to pull over in most places.

Photoshop... I will say is one of the easier programs to learn how to use (I know that's not exactly comforting though.) And yes even on fast computers it can be bogged down! Very annoying.
Here are some good links you might want to check out. I don't know if you have an understanding of layers etc. But most of these have proper step by step instructions and with illustrations.

Effect Lab

Eyeball Design

PS Tutorials - More Basic

706 PS Tutorials

The Web Machine

Web Design Koln

Those should keep you busy for a good long time, I'm talking months here, depending on how much free time you have to mess around. But by the end you should have a firm grasp on the program.
If you want to talk more indepth about graphic issues, and also see some more work which will probably blow you away, you can check out this place. (PS: My name on there is TiDkWmFa)

DBM Forum
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Brilliant thanx for the great links.

I love art work although I'm not very good at actual drawing. We went up to the Lake District in the UK and I got some amazing images. I've attached one but it's 1:3 the size so you miss alot of the detail.

I intend to upload some of them to the Deviants webpage so when they're up I'll post a link
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I've uploaded the image to my little space on Deviant.

Click here

It's 1600x1400 and highly detailed, 56k users may have to wait a while.
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The photos are completly different... One in the close up has an alien village near the big rock in the left side of the photo with an alien being on the rock screaming at you for taking this shot! Now he knows where to look for you!! EEEKS!
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Very nice. I like it. The clouds almost look painted.
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