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rescue transport

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I am doing my first "transport rescue."

It is exciting for me but just as scary. There will be two dogs (one deaf and one 3 legged) and I have one leg of a 8 or 9 leg trip. Since it is my first, I am worried I may break down, get lost, have an accident, get caught in traffic, etc.

I covered the back of my car with plastic, then numerous blankets. I have three water bottles, a tupperware bowl (for the dogs to drink out of), a flashlight and plastic bags to pick up poop. Oh, and a flashlight. I also have an emergency kit (which I bought when the car was new in 2004).

Can anyone else think what I should bring? Any tips for me?

My GPS, cell phone and headset are fully charged. The dogs will NOT be in a cage.

Help? Give me some hints so I can make this happen smoothly and this way, I can do it again and again!

Thank you all!
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Paper towels and trash bags.
Leashes (just in case)
Slip collars, just in case.
hand sanitizer

Be sure to change your clothes before walking into your house (change in the garage), including shoes. Wipe down all exposed skin with the hand sanitizer. Shower and a new change of clothes ASAP. You don't want to chance bringing anything back to your fur kids.

Thank you for doing this.
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