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Good morning

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Good morning everyone. How's the morning going? I finally slept some although I should have probably slept in a bit later I didn't want to because I finally got some laundry detergent and it was starting to get difficult to walk in my bedroom I had so many dirty clothes out. I went shopping yesterday and bought two new blouses and I bought two new skirt and jacket/suit type outfits. And a new pair of black slacks. I also found some really nice sandals although I want some new boots. I need to go get my hair done but I ran out of time yesterday a friend of mine and I went out and had a girls day out. And I really enjoyed myself I spent too much money but it had been so long since I had been out like that. I am no longer friends with my old shopping buddy so I really don't get to go shopping that much. I got Tavia her birthday presents, a new pink collar and a new feather teaser. Well I hope everyone is doing well I need to check some more posts I have to work today and at some point I have to wash the dishes but for now I am trying to get the laundry done. it was so overdue. Well have a nice day love and hugs Gail
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Good Morning Gail!...
I really wish that you have a nice weekend!
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