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Daily Thread Saturday 15 September

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Happy Saturday everyone, how are we?

Just another hot day over here with some rain.

Took Diego for a walk, took my printer in to be repaired. Other than that, pretty boring day.

Have a great day all.
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The washings been hung out and blowing lovely in the breeze It's a lot cooler out today though.

I've been in the conservatory since breakfast and don't plan on moving inside until later. I've taken some fab pictures of Rosie giving Jack a bath in here as well so i'll put them on later

I've just had some small sliced baked potatoes with cheese for lunch and they were lovely and crispy

The film "Independence day" is on t.v. tonight and i love that film so i'm looking forward to that
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Clear and Chilly here today..The leaves are really starting to get some color now, I have a huge maple tree right across the street that will be bright scarlet in about 2 weeks.

Typical Saturday for me, heading off to work in about an hour. Ended up working late last night so am a bit on the tired side this morning.

Woke up to Linus sitting on my chest patting me on the head. He was just playing with my hair, or perhaps he was thumping me on the head thinking "come on mom rise and shine, it's breakfast time." He is such a little doorknob sometimes.

Thinking of having a movie night tonight haven't done that for a bit.

Everyone have a good day.
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Well we had frost on the roof this morning but my outdoor thermometer only said 34.7F?
Anyhow Everything is still covered as frost possible tonite-I will uncover everything tomorrow.

Placed order for some stocks online this morning!!! I'll have to see how good my choices are.

We went out to dinner last night at a very nice gourmet restaurant-Diego would approve!! Well trained staff, great presentation too. Lovely crabcake appetizer, I had the crab stuffed sea bass with swiss chard and a yummy risoto-Neil had the seared Ahi Tuna!! And carrot cake with cranberry cream cheese frosting!! YUMMY..............

Anyhow have to pop in shower as we are meeting my fav SIL to go tree shopping laster this morning.

Have a good Saturday..
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Happy Independence Day to MEXICO!

Good morning to everyone, I hope have you a nice weekend!
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The weather is finally nice here today! Not too hot and humid. I worked for a few hours this morning, but the fiance's one hour "job" today has turned into a 5 hour one so far!! *Sigh*

I also have the urge to go shopping.
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I am nearing the end of my day now; the weather was lovely and I did some shopping. I got some fab new pyjamas for the winter; they are the cosiest!!
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Hey everyone. I hope ya'll had a good day today.

Mine was pretty rotten. I had to work all day and to make matters worse it was a pretty crummy day at work so i was really upset by the end of the day and cried on my way home

I'm trying not to let my crummy day ruin my night though. Tonight i'm going to go grab some dinner at my fav. resturant with Colin when he gets his break so i'm really looking foward to that. I also just got done feeding my little foster kittens so that definitely helped my mood a bit. Hard to be upset when you watch them hop and play everywhere.
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