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Meet IttyBittyKitty

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IttyBittyKitty was one of last spring's fosters. she was a tiny tiny sick little kitten who required lots of tlc and syringe feeding.
Unfortunatly, I got sooo attached to her that I couldn't let her go. So she joined the resident cats.

she had been force fed for so long that I had trouble getting her to eat off a plate. I'd put the food down and she would sit next to the plate, tilt her head up and open her mouth.....waiting like a little bird. Afer a couple seconds she woudl mew loudly, then wait in feeding position again.
I discovered that if I just stood there, she would climb up my clothes to my shoulder mew again and sit there with her mouth open.

I've never had to wean a kitten from being force-fed before!!
If I put a finger of food in her mouth, she would then eat on her own. And, finally, she started just eating on her own w/out the force feeding!

She has grown into a healthy young cat, tho she did get the latest round of ringworm badly. I'm very glad it is all gone (and so is she).
She likes to try and climb up on me to be held, adn we've turned this into a cute trick.

she sits by my feet and looks up, sometimes patting my leg to get my attention. I look down at her and say "OK! Come on up!" and pat my hip. She jumps up, sometimes I catch her and sometimes she sticks herself to my hip first and I pick her up. Then it is snuggle time.
I love this trick!
I used ot have a big orange boy who would also ask to come up. I'd pat my shoulder and he woudl jump up - all 14 pounds of him.
I've missed that, so it is especially nice that this little girl does it and it's nice that she is staying small!!! She probalby only weighs about 7 pounds. She is mostly fur

Here she is!

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Ahwwwwwww - she is just so gorgeous!!!!!
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She is very pretty! One of my kitties Austin is a lightweight too. He is 7 and only weighs seven lbs. He is extremely sleek though and the vet said that he would just be a small kitty.

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What a pretty kitty! It is so sweet that you have a good bonding time like that!

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WOW... great little buggar. She looks JUST like 3 kittens I had... she could have been their mom! (Had I not also been fostering their mum to know what she looked like.) lol
The mom was long haired grey/silver cat... very unusual looking, but the 3 kits looked all like your baby!
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that were adopted out.
One was solid grey, longhair adn the other was solid black longhair.
As they turned about 2.5 months old they started getting a very pretty smoke effect in their fur - where the fur is pale underneath & dark on top

IttyBitty never developed that, and her face is remarkably different from her brothers' too. They had very round heads with little flat muzzles.

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Awwww, she is a cutie. And what a wonderful story.

I used to have a light weight, but my light weight started putting pounds on and is turning into a mid-weight .
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Such a pretty girl!! She looks like a sweet little snuggle.
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She's so pretty, I can see why you couldn't let her go.
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What a beautiful girl!! Thank you so much for sharing that lovely story.

We, too, rescued a beautiful grey and white long hair kitten. She was a munchkin too (we named her Munchkin!). She weighed just 1.9 pounds when we rescued her. She was getting her adult teeth then, so was 4 - 5+ months old at the time. We fostered her for about two months, and just last week adopted her out. The only reason she's not part of our family is that we live in such a small space, and had to rescue a different kitty. And Munchie was so adoptable - I miss her.

I love your IttyBittyKitty!
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IttyBittyKitty is beautiful!!!
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