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Horse update

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By some amazing twist of fate, everything fell into place at once. I had been going back and forth deciding whether I would keep the mare or gelding once I had them here. I decided two days ago that I think I will keep the gelding. The mare is almost ready to ride, and the gelding hasn't even been started. But I wanted a challenge. I trained Arabians for several years and I still remember everything about training them. I had a mentor, a wonderful lady named Sylvia who owned the first farm I worked at. She taught me absolutely everything I know about horses. She passed away several years ago and I still miss her so much.

So I was thinking about it even more, and "which horse would Sylvia tell me to get?" And the definite answer to that would have been the gelding, for more reasons than one. So I had decided to get the gelding, and had decided on a new name for him... "Levi".

Yesterday, when I called John about that accident up the road, he told me about a buddy of his that was looking to buy a mare. I know this guy well, so I gave him a call. He asked if she was at my house, and I said no, that I needed to find a trailer to haul her first. He said "Well, I have a trailer at my house right now, I'd be happy to haul them both for you". AND, he's going to buy the mare for whatever I decide to tell him (enough to stock up on hay for the rest of the fall and winter).

We're leaving in about 15 minutes, to go get my horse! I cannot begin to describe how excited I am right now. After years and years of working with horses and wanting my own so badly, I finally get my own horse!!

Excuse me while I proceed with happy smilies, LOL...

Ok, I'm off to get ready!!
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I love horses - waiting for pictures

I owned a quarter horse/welsh cross that was really great. If in the future I get another horse, I'm gonna look for a Morgan or Morgan/Arab cross
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I am sooo happy for you!!

Please please please, get some pictures for me!!
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That`s great news!
Can`t wait to see pics and hear how it all goes with him
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We got Levi back a couple hours ago. I wish I could say the whole thing was uneventful but it wasn't really any fun. Levi had only been loaded once in his life and was just not going to have any of it. Lots of rearing and kicking out, it took only about 1/2 hour- 45 minutes though and we got him in. Then came time for the mare, she had never been loaded in her life and is 8 years old. Our friend that had the trailer ended up getting kicked pretty badly, she started going into the trailer but then sat completely down and hit him with her front hoof pretty hard.
We got him back here, and put him in one of the other horses stalls because we have to build him his own stall this evening before the draft horses come in from the pasture. He's very nervous, but is already calming down nicely. He needs a lot of care, he wasn't really cared for properly at his last home. His hooves need trimmed and he's very gassy and had a "grass gut" from eating improperly. He's about 100 pounds underweight and needs to be wormed as well. We already got the wormer, so that'll get done tonight if he'll cooperate.

We're going to take our time with training initially. We're going to start longing this week, and of course just regular grooming and messing with his feet and stuff... all of the socialization he's been lacking since his previous owners got him. They basically just stuck him in a pasture and never did anything with him. So we do have a lot of work ahead of us. I'm not even going to attempt saddling him or riding him at all until his weight is healthy and his feet are taken care of.

I'll try to get some pictures soon and post for everyone. I'm definitely going to need "before" and "after" pictures of him.
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Congrats...i am a lifelong horsie person as well...I actually got my BS in equine science and have a phd in equine and ruminant nutrition

There is nothing like owning your own horse...challenging sometimes,, but always very very rewarding.

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congratulations and good luck
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This is wonderful! Congratulations! Looking forward to a pictorial diary of your work with this beautiful horse!
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Congrats!!! I know you'll see Levi's true potential!!
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Congratulations!! Levi is the Appalosa (sp?), right? I've always loved horses and have always wanted one of my own...I'm so jealous!! Please share more pics when you can.
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Just curious (probably from watching Black Beauty) but would blindfolding the horse and leading them into the trailer have worked better?
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Congratulations! I've always wanted my own horse...you're so lucky to have your own. I'm sure he'll turn out beautifully after you work with him.

Post pictures of Levi soon!
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I'll get pictures today and post!

Just curious (probably from watching Black Beauty) but would blindfolding the horse and leading them into the trailer have worked better?
We actually ended up doing that. He just wouldn't stop rearing and he hit his head against the trailer top at one point and we were afraid he'd get hurt. I came up with the idea to blindfold him. The guy that was hauling them didn't think it would work but we did it anyway. Levi still hesitated a bunch but we were able to push him in from behind with a lead rope and I pulled on him at the front. The blindfold did NOT work with the mare though, so I guess it only works for some.

Levi is the Appalosa (sp?), right?
Yes, Levi is the Appaloosa. It's so funny, John's grandpa isn't a big fan of Appys and he came outside to see Levi yesterday. The first thing he said was, "oh, that's a BEAUTIFUL Appaloosa!". LOL
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I LOVE Appaloosas! I had a leopard Appaloosa when I was a kid--well, actually now that I think of it, he was a pintaloosa. His name was BamBam, and he acted every part of it. He threw me a few times and after the last time he threw me, I ended up with a concussion (sp?).
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Pictures!! As you can see, he's very underweight.

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Congrats on your new horse I'm a horse person as well, I know how exciting getting your first horse can be. Levi's got great color, he's going to be a very handsome boy once you get him fattened up.
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Levi is gorgeous!!
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Congrats! What a handsome guy - and how lucky to have you taking care of him.

I've always wanted one of my own.
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Aw, I'm so glad you got him. Poor guy, looks like he needs some taking care of.
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Oh yeah, he IS beautiful - is one parent a leopard App? cause he's almost one I'm sure in a few months we will hardly recognize him
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Very handsome! He will be stunning once you get him fattened up. I am guessing he is a dark foreparts appaloosa? I can't quite remember the coat patterns.
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YAY! You got the horse!

He is so lucky to have you! Have fun with him!!
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Thanks everyone!

is one parent a leopard App?
Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about his parents. All I know is that the guy I got him from got him from another guy a few years ago. The first guy had bought Levi to train for his 15 year old son but never did and they got tired of him.

I am guessing he is a dark foreparts appaloosa? I can't quite remember the coat patterns.
I don't have a clue, LOL. I know almost nothing about Appaloosa's, except for the very little bit that I've read. I've only ever worked with Arabians, a few QH's, and drafts... I've only ever ridden one Appy and it was just on a trail ride. So Levi is my first experience with the breed. He's an awesome guy though with tons of potential.
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Oh my goodness he's so cute! Although, I would say he's a lot more than 100lbs under weight. What on earth were the people thinking that owned him before you?!!!

When I bought my mare she wasn't nearly as skinny as your poor boy, just enough to easily count her ribs and she was 200lbs under weight. Also full of worms. Honestly I think your boy could use a good 300, especially if he was in a small pen and has low muscle mass.

One thing I will advise you of is often times when horses are malnurished and go through stress (like trailering, or moving) they get sick. You should notice in the next couple weeks if he gets sick. A dose of pennicillon is all it takes to cure a running nose and coughing.

We had the same horrible troubles trailering my mare too, the man who owned her before would literally kick her and tie ropes around her butt, he gladdly told us that. That's when I knew I just had to buy that poor mare.

What a pretty horse!
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
I don't have a clue, LOL. I know almost nothing about Appaloosa's, except for the very little bit that I've read. I've only ever worked with Arabians, a few QH's, and drafts... I've only ever ridden one Appy and it was just on a trail ride. So Levi is my first experience with the breed. He's an awesome guy though with tons of potential.
He looks like a red roan blanket spotted one to me, and a very cute one too, bet he'll look fab when you've got some weight on him!
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Congats on getting your horse. I'm sure with time and patience he will turn out to be a very nice boy for you. Have you ever seen Dennis Reis? He has some very good ways to train and it is all very gentle. You may want to watch him if you haven't already...
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Congrats!! Hope it all goes well with his training!

I can't have a horse of my own till I'm a little bit older, but i WILL get one!

Good Luck!
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No roan gene there. A red base (sorrel or chestnut) appaloosa with a large blanket and spots.

Blindfolding actually works better on higher energy horses. They can't stand still and so end up following you when they can't see for lack of any better ideas. Horses that are more stubborn and lower energy are more likely to just refuse to move at all or even lay down rather than risk moving somewhere they won't like. Most of my quarter horses and paints would stand there no matter what you did if blindfolded while we always had more luck trying it with the arabians or standardbreds. Overall there is really no good way to load a horse that has never loaded and doesn't like to load into a trailer in one session. However when it has to be done best I've found is to back up the trailer to any narrow area or corner and cover any gaps with gates. Then run the horse in and don't let it stop until it's in the trailer. I've bought some really wild horses that have been running loose on pasture without ever seeing people and that is the only way we have consistently loaded them safely. They'll bolt through, kick at, and rear over ropes unless they have some handling or are rather small. Yearlings can be thrown in with butt ropes and someone at their head but a well developed 2 year old or older often won't go in even with 5 people pushing and pulling. Safer to run them in without touching them and especially without pulling since someone at their head is more likely to make them go backward away from the trailer than in it.
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