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~~~ The Siamese Cat Club ~~~

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Well, why not?

Miss Taza -

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YAY! Well... Yuki is a Siamese Mix... but she still belongs... right?

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Pretty!!! I love siamese kitties!!
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My two Siamesewannabes would like to join.



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Here's George ...

And here's Baby Pearl ...

Here's Momma Lexus and Baby Pearl ...

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Here are my 2 Meezers.

The beautiful and very delicate Ms SunLee

Here my BIG BURLY (Almost 30 lbs) boy, Shane.

And here is Shane with my Bengal Simba, when Simba was about 4 1/2 months old. This should give you an idea of how BIG Shane is.

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oooh! Meezers are my absolute favorite!! here's my RB kitty, Simon, who definitely had Siamese in him

excuse the laser eyes!
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker View Post
Here are my 2 Meezers.

I'm not messin with Shane!
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They`re all so beautiful!
I love their blue eyes. They really sparkle
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Here's a few of Jasmine

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Here's our sweetie, Clio. Now that it's getting cooler at night, she's wants to snuggle with us.

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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Here's a few of Jasmine

Wow - what an unusual coat! Very awesome!
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Originally Posted by mikex View Post
Wow - what an unusual coat! Very awesome!
thankyou she's a torti-point. (i think the proper term may be color point rather than siamese but i'm not sure)
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Ah, such lovely meezers. My RB Nibs would like to join in...

Not a very good pic, but it predates the digital camera.
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Awwwwwwww very beautiful cats!!!
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My RB girl, Kanarus

J's RB boy, Whiskers

Our wannabe meezer girl, Cassi
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such beautiful kitties in this thread. Lovely Siamese & Mixes
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I love Siamese even though I don't have one now. Someday though.
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We need more pictures!! I love siamese. I grew up with 3 of them (2 seal point and one blue point)

Let's see those pictures!!
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This is Isabella, my grandcat. When my son got her in college I thought he would quickly tire of her and she would be mine. Wrong! She is his first love, he got married and Isabella loves his wife, he has to share her now. She's the reason I got Clio, I never knew much about Siamese before her. She spent four weeks with us last year, lucky us.
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Here's Lady, my beautiful half siamese 12 year old girl!

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nar1122 has got a beautiful colorpoint DSH, Casper--the pic thread for that one is on this page.
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I love all these pics! Such gorgeous kitties!

Molly and Polly want to join, too!



They are sisters and a year old. They are extremely bonded but very much opposites!
I loooove meezers.
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Here is my sweet siamese mix Viola.

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Oh what beautiful Meezers!

Lady looks like my boss's cat's twin! His name is Kresky and he is one of the best cats I've ever met. Pure white as a kitten and now a grey lynx point....we're pretty sure he's a mix of some pointed breed.

And here is my baby who has no name as of yet:

He'll be home with us in 4 weeks!
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Here's Shatner... He's a mix of two different types of Siamese-mix cats. A lynx point and a seal point. How he's a flame?? point I don't know. If I hadn't seen the parents when I got him I wouldn't believe he's a Siamese mix. The dad (the seal point) I think had a bit of snowshoe in him. He has white feet.

and Lauren she's my grey Siamese. She's SPOILED rotten...lol

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Beautiful babies!

Here is my Siamese mix Gordo

and here is Tinker
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This is my mix - Chino Beans

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Chynna wants in on this too.

Also we got to get one of Cocoa in this too.

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Oh my soul! You all have such beautiful meezers! All those photos remid me of the 2 Siamese in Lady and the Tramp! We are Siamese if you please, we are Siamese if you don't please!"
Okay, maybe a rescue will be #4...gotta run and check out Petfinder!
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