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Lump of mucus in stools?

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Hi, sorry for *another* post about the same kind of thing, but the situation has changed and I hoped that someone would see the title and maybe know something about it.

Quick background for those who don't know: Oscar had bits of mucusy blood in his poo, and the vet put him on promax (probiotic), antibiotics and chicken and rice diet. This was 2 days ago. His stools were mucusy (not runny) before this with bits of blood.

Now, he's been to the loo twice since, and both times he's had a lump of mucusy stuff with it, and it's been very runny, much runnier than before.

I'm fairly sure the mucus is something significant, does anyone know what this might be?

I do have a vets appointment in a couple of hours but I'd like to get some other opinions too.

Thank you.
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If its accompanied by loose stool or diarrhea then it could likely be a parasite like coccidia (usually treated with Albon liquid) or Giardia (treated with Flagyl). In either case testing the stool would be expected and with a positive result meds would follow.
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Well we dropped a stool sample off at the vets at his appointment earlier today, and he has already been on Flagyl for 3 days. The vet said the mucus was likely the lining that was produced with the Colitis, so it may be a positive sign.

She also pointed out that the diarroah might mean that he's got an intolerance to chicken, she said it's not very common, but it would make sense from what we've seen so far. So he's now on white fish instead of chicken and rice!
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OK. If he has an intolerance to chicken you might be better off trying a "single protein single carb" food designed for cats who are allergic to common ingredients. Typically these foods use only duck and peas or venison and peas, two foods the cats are unlikely to have ever eaten, and therefore not allergic to. Natural Balance makes one as do others.
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Okay, thanks for the information. He is only 4 months old though, is it available for kittens also?
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No its adult only but he doesnt need to be on kitten food if you give him as much as he wants (wet) 2-3 times a day plus some dry. There's no kitten food in nature, just mice and birds.
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