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Poorly Kitten

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Hi guys, I have a kitten that is feeling slightly under the weather, and as I have never owned cats before thought I should ask for some assistance! Both kittens were wormed about 4-5 weeks ago by the vets and I was told it wouldnt need doing again until I took them in to be neutered about 3 months later. When I got home yesterday and went to let them out I noticed a small pool of clear fluid with 2 worms in, im guessing one had been sick. I rang a friend who has some kittens and and she gave me some liquid wormer to do both of them, since that I have noticed that Jackson has diarrhea (it contained worms) and one of them has been sick again, this time food but no worms, im guessing that was Jackson too. They both seem fine in themselves, playing, eating, drinking, purring and Jacksons gum colour is good and he isnt dehydrated. My question is, is the diarrhea and sickness that Jackson has due to the worms or does he need to see a vet? The other possibility for the diarrhea is at the beginning of the week we had to buy a different type of cat food as they were out of stock of the normal we feed them, it was only 2 meals though as I got the normal from elsewhere, they were fed it on Monday night and the diarrhea started yesterday afternoon - is that a likely cause??
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My rescue group deworms weekly for three weeks in a row using Strongid T, a yellow liquid that smells a little bit like bananas. If you see worms in the stool then I would continue de-worming weekly for a couple more weeks with the consent of your vet. Yes a change in diet can also cause diarrhea, especially changes to wet food, and while this may be a secondary cause in your case, the presence of worms is a strong indicator of the primary cause.

I would put the kitten on a very mild wet food, easy to digest, either Iams chicken (wet) or human baby food chicken flavor stage 1, never stage 2 or higher. 3 wet food meals a day, all she/he can eat. You could also put him/her back on the original food, but that also depends on what it was. If it was something awful like 9 Lives Tuna then do *not* go back.
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When checking with your vet, make sure to state the ages and weight of your kittens as well as when they got their worming medicine from both the vet and you, as well as how much of each product you used, and what you used.

If the kittens are small the worming medicine can have a toxic effect if you use too much, i.e. if you do additional wormings.

Two wormings should be fine given they are so many weeks apart, and assuming you used the recommended amounts for their age and weight, each time.
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