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A Pic of Gizmo - Casiokitty's Kitten!

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I'm posting this pic for Casiokitty. I am reposting Gizmo's story also, in case many of you didn't see it posted further down!


This is a picture of my baby Gizmo when I first got him. Bought him for ten bucks by the way. When I got Gizmo and brought him home we were under the impression that he was totally blind. His eyes were solid blue. His first visit to the vet was heartbreaking. The vet suggested that we have him put down. He said he would have a horrible quality of life. We got him to provide him a good quality of life. His eyes have cleared up quite a bit and he has no trouble seeing. We and our vet are very happy he is still with us. He is the sweetest thing.

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Aww what a sweetie, he is precious!
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They are even moe special when they have been pulled back from the brink. Gizmo looks so adorable. Sometimes it's worth putting that extra effort (and lets face it, money) into helping them get back to health.

We were advised to have Ferdy put down coz he's FIV positive. NO WAY!!!
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I am glad you didnt put him down because he is FIV positive Yola!

All cats deserve a good chance at life and to live a full and happy life!
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Your kitty is precious, do you have any more pictures?

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Bah! I know lots of cats who are blind and they have good lives What about older animals when they go blind, they still kick around and can be very happy and have lots of fun.
Are you going to put a person to sleep, just because they were born blind? Well, we all know the answer to that.
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What a sweet kitten! I'm so glad you didn't listen to your vet when they advised you to put him down. Special needs animals have very good lives when taken care of properly. Sure you may have to retrain yourself to their needs, but that's pretty easy to do. I'm glad his eyes have gotten better - just goes to show that even vets make mistakes sometimes.
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What a sweet kitten!!! He really does look blind in the picture, what condition did the vet diagnose??? I'm interested because I have had some experience with a blind cat. My older cat, Midnight, (deceased) permanently lost her eyesight in both eyes during her last few months of life.

P.S. I'm glad the kitten has gotten better!
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He is so cute! One time when it was good that the vet was wrong.
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What an adorable kitty!!
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Moe would like to inform everyone that he has had a car ride today. That was exciting! Moe then got neutered today. That was too exciting!
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