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Thunderbutt is apparently Mojo's new nickname.

She's a BIG girl. She weighs right at 12 pounds right now and is still having growth spurts.

We got home tonight and surprisingly there were no kitties downstairs waiting for us. Until we heard a THUD and thump thump thump thump as Mojo came down the stairs. Earl commented, "Well, here comes Thunderbutt!"

Now it seems to be sticking. Poor Mojo...the indignity of it all! (But I guess it is better than me talking about her Buddah Belly...she's a very pear shaped kitty )
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hey Buddaha belly was my nickname as a toddler //// Poor girl
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Poor Mojo! Her and Sabina can commiserate...I called her Thunder Thighs in another thread.

They're just "big boned" is all!
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I've got a couple of thunder butts in my house as well. Sophie especially because she's solid!.

Poor Jacks known as lanky legs with being so little and thin, but he's getting there
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Hey, you stole my nickname for, Claire.

Seriously, she and Mojo have the Thunderbutt thing in common.

Claire was 13.9 lbs at her last vet check and we're now watching her weight. I can always tell when my Thunderbutt is tearing through the house. She's a big girl compared to her scrawny brother, Pete, who weighs in at just over 11 lbs. He takes comfort in hiding behind her when he's scared.
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OMG, all your cats could beat up Sophia
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post

They're just "big boned" is all!
Thats what I say about Harley too
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Ahh poor kitties, discussing their large posteriors like that.

How undignified....

Seriously though I call my poor sassy fuzzy-butt quite often...He has so much hair on his backside it curls. And you know I think he understands I may be making fun of his otherwise regal appearance because I usually get the evil-eye when I call him that.
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May Catu Join at the club?....

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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post

its not nice to make of a fat kitty
hmm i think eazy will soon be getting a similar nickname

Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Poor Jacks known as lanky legs with being so little and thin, but he's getting there
i am sure jack will be catching up before to much longer
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First thought when reading the thread title... ThunderCats!
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Man, you guys have lightweights... Jack is 13 pounds, and JoJo is 15-ish(above 15, not below it, which is where I'd LIKE her to be...)

And while I don't have stairs and an upper level to hear them play around on, I do hear them terrorize each other , chasing each other up and down the hallway... Man, I need the cash for those IKEA bookcases... I'm going to turn the corner section into a 7 foot tall cat tree... heh heh heh... And I might do a second one in the office... maybe THOSE will help my own Thunderbutt lose her weight...

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I had a pear shaped cat - named him Sultan. Was chasing his thin sisters and got stuck in a carton.
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Awwww widdle Thunderbutt
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