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I have kittens....

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...under my bed! LOL We took in a preggy female for a friend of hubbys a few days ago. They are going to be out of town until next week and didn't want to leave the cat alone in case she had the babies. Well, the night we picked her up, on the 11th of all days, she had kittens. A total of 3. One passed away. Looked like Mom was biting on him. I would look in on them once in a while but then they were gone. She moved them to someplace else under the bed. I haven't heard them meow so I imagine she's taking care of them. She does come out long enough to get, get petted then back under the bed she goes. I'll probably hunt for them tomorrow just to make sure they are alright. We have some under-bed boxes so I'll have to be careful moving them. Don't want to smack a kitten or Mom.

Oh, they do plan to spay her. She's 3 years old and never went into heat. She's been around a unaltered male this whole time and this is her first pregnancy. They figured she'd be ok since she never had a heat. As I was told "We learned our lesson and even Sammy is getting fixed."
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I'm glad everyone is getting fixed. While she is raising her kittens is a good time to get that male altered as he can still get a cat pregnant 30 days after being neutered.

And if he's allowed around mom during that time he can get her pregnant while she's nursing kittens!
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Awwww! New kittens are exciting even if you are just "babysitting".

That was so nice of you to take her in.
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They have Sammy scheduled to go in when they get home. I have Little Miss but I check on Sammy to make sure he's ok as he got to stay home alone. They have a room set up for Little Miss and her babes that will keep them away from Sammy. He's a tad high strung and I'm not sure what he'd do around kittens. I did tell them he may calm down after his altering.
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