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Bring Out your Tabbies!

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Ok, Lets see your favorite Photos of your Tabbies!

This is My Brown & White Tabby - Max - Who is now 11 Months Old.

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I've been a lurker for a couple of weeks and couldn't resist registering and posting a picture of my Shelly. This is my first post!

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Aww...Shelley's gorgeous...and we're glad you're out of lurkdom!

Max is such a beauty (if I'm allowed to call him beautiful). His stripes are so clear and tigery, and I love his "dipped in a dish of cream" nose! He's just so striking!
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My baby boy Jack

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Yea, daddy doesn't spoil him at all

What's with the face?

Another silly face

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This is Joey, when he first showed up at our house we had this little set up for him, he wouldn't come near us for 3 months! That was almost 4 years ago.

My handsome man

Enjoying his bean bag chair

This is Lucia Bella, she is a Shaded Golden Tabby Persian
First ever pic of her!

And her favorite place to sleep...on the back of the tub:
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My sweetheart Quill:

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Such beautiful Kitties! Here is Boots

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Beautiful Tabbys





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My baby girl, Anna...aka Sissy! We sure have beautiful tabbies, don't we??

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Tabby's are my favorite!

Here's my little crew!


Any my baby Bayley:

He likes to read

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Here is my boy Tigger.

This is my parents cat Bam Bam. He just loved the catnip Sarah sent him for Christmas last year.

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You asked for it!!!!!!

Presenting Bastet - marble tabby Bengal with extra glitter

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Yay cutie tabbies!

This is Tryon (aka Bird) guarding her new favorite fabric.. one of these days I'll get it away from her so I can finish my chairs

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I got a couple of these!!
Brown tabby Antigone:

black tabby Circe:
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My brown-patched tabby, Frisco!

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Here's Peep:

There's such gorgeous tabbies here!

Frisk, that's a veeery beautiful, er, hamster next to Frisco!
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Here's Nikita, a spotted tabby is a tabby

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Here are my two.

First there is Tubee

And Root who I think is considered a tabby.

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Dear Prudence
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Our gorgeous kitties, Milo and Tiggy

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Here are my tabbies!!!

Petrie.. Classic Tabby..

And Callie Bug... Sphynx Classic Tabby
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I looove tabbies

So many gorgeous kitties here on TCS! Here's my tabby duo;

and taking a nap together:
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Here are my classic tabbies! I think I got this picture sizing thing down...

Petrie.. 3 months old

And Callie - currently 6 weeks old..

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I have not seen so many gorgeous tabbies in one place before!

These three boys are mine vicariously through my family. I grew up with these boys! If you happened to read my kitten post, these are the boys who got themselves stuck in the vents and in the washing machine. They are SO pesky!

They're already 10 years old (I can't believe it!) but they still seem like kittens to me.

This Aramis, also called 'Moushi' because he is like a big mushy puddle of furry love. He adores cuddling and goes limp like a noodle when you pick him him. His best feature is his ocher yellow eyes.

This is Athos, the psycho muffin of the group. He is sadly not very smart but he is the biggest lovey cuddle bug. He adores people and wishes he was an ONLY cat! His cutest feature is that he has NO white on his tummy or paws. he looks like he's been running in soot.

This is my personal baby, Porthos. He's like a little human in a cat body! He would watch me shower (a peeping tom!) and curl under the covers to sleep sleep next to me (stretching along side me). His best look is his 'you are SO dumb' look. I think his cutest feature is his bobcat face, tufted ears and green eyes.

A few more pictures!

Hope my post wasn't too obnoxiously long!
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Here's Demetri, chocolate spotted silver Ocicat

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Our two little kittens who arrive with us on saturday

At 2 weeks old:

These are photos from when they were 5 weeks old
A pile of kittens! Ours are the two tabbies. Neko is the small runt of the letter being licked by mum (Humbug)
This is Luna - she's simply gorgeous

Aren't tabbies just great?!
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Here is my Abby

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