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Cleo Lounging

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Just a photo of Cleo lounging around this evening.

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Thank you! She's my sweet little renal failure girl. She's really a picture of health. Hard to believe she's been in renal failure for almost 7 years, isn't it?

I'm so glad that I tried to snap this picture. The camera that I was going to take to the Michigan meet-up (the tiny, easy to carry one) has dead batteries, so I had to use the older, bigger digital. Charging the battery right now! What a fortunate coincidence. I think I'll take both now, just in case!
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Oh, Cleo is so gorgeous!! What a beautiful picture of your baby girl and she looks great!
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Cleo what a pretty little girl you are
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What an absolutely gorgeous girl Cleo is ....... you must be taking exceptionally good care of her
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