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How we came to get Petrie

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Just thought I'd share this sad story with you..

Here's the story behind him (I typed this the day after we brought him home a month ago):

We got a kitten!! It's terrible the way we got him though... I was at my Uncle's funeral today (8/12) when bf's sister called me and asked if I was coming over .. So I was like.. "Yeah around 3:30.. why?".. She told me that the next door neighbors boyfriend left a kitten in the car with the windows rolled up from midnight last night til 2pm this afternoon! It was 95 degrees outside today!! My bfs mom said that she caught him basically "dumping" the kitten out of the carrier it was in all night and all day and it hit the gravel behind my bfs house and layed there with its tongue hanging out of its mouth!!! So I immediately hung up, called the vet, they told me what to do.. Went and got some unflavored pedialyte and nutri-cal.. This poor kitten was shaking from heat frustration and basically had a heat stroke... The vet said he may suffer some brain damage from this whole ordeal.. When they got him coherent, he wouldn't use his back legs..Its soo sad.. She said if he was bad enough to take down there, she was going to press animal cruelty charges on him.. Then the neighbors bf came to the door and asked if the kitten was dead and I told him he almost was.. He said he wanted the cat back if it lived.. YEAHHH RIIGGHHTT!!! I slammed the door in his face! He proceeded to scream and say that I had a lawsuit on my hands and all I could do is laugh.. Yeah.. he really wants to call the police??? Try me!! When the girls mother got home, I told her the situation and she immediately went to her hubby's work and told him.. He called and said he spoke to his daughter and her boyfriend ( daughter is 16 and boyfriend is 18 ).. They agreed to let me keep the cat because I did them the BIGGEST favor and that in their hands, the kitten would die.. So the boyfriend came over and apologized for being out of line and doing this to the kitten.. I told him the kitten wasn't out of the woods yet... I should have had a set to report him anyway but I didn't want to cause problems with the neighbors because their daughter was at fault as well.. But they'll be making sure this never happens again.. I hope.

These were a few hours after getting him to come-to.. He was a little disoriented during the pictures...

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Bless you for rescuing this sweet little one. Those two teenagers need a slap upside the head!
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They need a lot more than that! At the very least, I wish you would have an animal control officer come out and give these brats a serious scare. Surely even the mother would agree that they need that! They also need to be blacklisted at every shelter in the area, so they won't be allowed to adopt.

This precious little one -- I hope and pray he recovers, at least enough to enjoy his life. And thank you for rescuing him. Whenever an angel like you takes in an animal in distress, you're acting on behalf of animal lovers everywhere... thank you so very much.
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Oh he recovered quite well, actually!! We always make a joke that he's making the best out of life now.. He's into everything, acts like he owns the place, demands when he wants fed, tells the dogs what to do, will hog their beds, crates, and food dishes when *he's* ready.. lol he's hilarious! I'm glad I have him! I wouldn't trade him for the world.
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It's amazing how quickly they work themselves into your heart! Bless you for rescuing him!!
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Thank you for saving this kitten.
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He's adorable! I'm so glad you were able to rescue him from the heartless person who just didn't care!!
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He's so beautiful. I'm so glad you came along and were able to save him. He would have surely died had it not be for you. Did they ever explain why they kept this kitten in a hot closed up car all day? Not that any explanation would be good enough.
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He is absoloutely adorable!

I am SO glad that you rescued him.

Love his name also by the way.
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That little creep should at least have to pay the vet bills.
I hope that girl sees what kind of person her boyfriend is and gets rid of him. If I were her mom that guy would never darken my door again, apology or not.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
Bless you for rescuing this sweet little one. Those two teenagers need a slap upside the head!
that poor little guy i'd like to them if i could! the kitten was lucky you were there poor guy
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