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So I'm going to vent a bit...

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I hate moving. Absolutely hate it. I really hope that the place we're at isn't going to jack up the price at the end of the lease and that we can stay there 2-3 years (or more).

B and I keep getting into guerrila wars with each other. I have a million and one things on my mind so some of my responses are rather short (beside how do I pony up and answer other than "yes" or "no" )

I keep setting crap furniture out on the porch that really, it's crap. Either water has gotten on it and ruined it or something. Well he started questioning why I was doing that. I told him. I still get the lecture of how we're moving into a [slightly] bigger place and that we need all the furniture we have.

Umm...that's not what we agreed on when we were getting the quotes. If this move costs me anymore money then I'm leaving the crap by the curb. IMO we have WAAAAAAAY too many nick-nacks, and I'd rather buy new then pay the money for the movers. Plus we're pack rats so we rarely throw out anything even if its worthless (you know...take a picture and toss the thing?).

Uggghhhh...I wanted to go out and do things this weekend too, but there's just way too much to do. I'm ready to just leave the rest of the crap and say I'm done!

Thanks...I really, really envy people that don't move that often. I really wish that I could have bought something buy now.
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Yikes. Fun! I hate moving too.

I was just at my cousin's new place. She and her BF have both been a wreck over it, but things are settling down now that most of the unpacking is done. I hope you can get it over with asap!
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Aww sweetie i'm sorry you're soo stressed.

Maybe you two can go through EVERYTHING (yes it will be a little time consuming- but i'm sure you could knock it out in an afternoon if you really tried). Go through all of your things and make different piles- one for donating, one for keeping, one for "maybes" and one for tossing/recycling. Make sure you guys agree on what goes into which pile- if there is any disagreement- put it in the "maybe" pile and then decide how much value it has to you- can you use it temporarily in your new place until you have enough $ to invest in a better piece and refurnish? I'd do that-so that way you don't take junk to your new place you don't want there and you have an easier move
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Oh hon, I feel for you! We actually moved 3 times in 1 1/2 years. We still have so many boxes to go through and it will take us years. Is there anyway you could have a yard sale? Even if you don't want it someone else might, and it would be extra money in your pocket. It's better than just leaving it so someone can pick it up for free. If you are moving quickly, do you have a friend that may help you organize it for you, or will the landlord let you store it for a week or two? Just a suggestion.

I NEVER want to move again! I told DH we are going to die in this house before we move again. Just take deep breaths and have a drink.
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Thanks all!

Yes we've been going through much of the stuff and actually I threw away a ton of stuff yesterday (and he did on Monday). It's just we still have a lot of stuff.

I had some chest pains last night (panic attacks I'm sure...they started just before I left for NJ last week) and then broke down crying around 3:30 am. Once that 5 minute (maybe 10) settled down, the chest pains were gone and I went back to bed.

Luna hopped up and curled up on the pillow with me. Theres just something about a fuzzy warm body.

Anyhoo, I'm off to return bottles and donate about 10 bags of clothes. Oh and get the cats wet food.
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IMO I'd get rid of as much furniture as you can now. Then go on craigslist and start looking for replacement furniture. Between the free stuff and the normal furniture section, I've found a lot of really nice things that we could pick up for very little money.

We just need a pickup truck to haul it and we'll have new stuff in no time Have him start checking on your area's craigslist and he will be surprised
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I feel for you. We moved last year and will be moving again next month, after not moving for 11 years previously. I dread it too. I also donated a lot of clothes and gave away so many things, mostly to my mom since she's a pack-rat and will never throw anything out and loves all my knick-nacks, so she got most of that stuff and more.

Even though I thought I got rid of so much stuff, I still couldn't believe how much stuff I still had when we moved! I plan on giving away even more things this time, I never mind getting rid of stuff since I hate clutter. I think a yard sale is a great idea too! Good luck on your move!
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i still say , I liked life much better when everything i had fit into a couple of bags.
next time i move, i am leaving 90% of the stuff here
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Awwww for you
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Oh I am so sorry for you! I moved twice in 3 years - one a really long haul (ny to fl) and one a short haul (fl to fl). The first move was actually easier because it was just me and Karma... the second move I had DH, Karma, Buddha and Tryon... the kids were easy, but by the end of it I wanted to slap the snot out of DH!

I agree with GoldenKitty... just ditch it all and then when you get to your new place find furniture on craigslist and freecycle. I did that when I first moved to FL because moving all my stuff would have cost an arm and a leg. Instead I held a huge garage sale.. ditched as much as I could... used that money for gas and tolls on the drive... and then when I got to my new apt I made friends with the maintenance guy... so when a few tenants got evicted and they never came for their stuff, I got a dining set and an entertainment center.... then I got a coffee table from freecycle... and it was pretty nice stuff too.

So just tell B he's being annoying, "smack" him around a little (figuratively, not literally ) and then ditch all your stuff It'll be so worth it in the long run.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
IMO I'd get rid of as much furniture as you can now. Then go on craigslist and start looking for replacement furniture. Between the free stuff and the normal furniture section, I've found a lot of really nice things that we could pick up for very little money.

We just need a pickup truck to haul it and we'll have new stuff in no time Have him start checking on your area's craigslist and he will be surprised
This is what we did. The cost of a moving van was ridiculous and it made it pretty silly to transport all of our awful stuff. We moved to WA with what would fit in his 2 door car and my jeep. We've been slowly replacing it from the store and from craigslist. It was really refreshing to get here and have NOTHING, no bagage or junk weighing us down. It did get kind of expensive to replace it all because we did invest in some nicer pieces (and stuff we didn't have already since we lived in a studio apt.) Good luck and stay strong. I had mini panic attacks for about 2 months before we moved and even last night, after being here almost 4 months, i was in tears at 1am feeling homesick and sad.

the sorting advice is great too. My family did this when I was little and its amazing how much stuff you realize is worthless but you thought you HAD to keep it. Try to be unbiased about it and when you look at stuff you just might wonder why on earth you thought it was worth packing up and then unpacking in your new place!
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I know how you are feeling! I moved again last month. I am so tired of moving, especially since I have lived in 5 states and one other country in my 26 years of existence. Those 5 states and one other country don't include how many times I have moved within them. I especially loathe long distance moves, and I hope I never have to move overseas again--unless it's to Italy. lol

Any who...

When I moved last month across town, I donated more clothes and home knick-knacks than I care to realize (the local Goodwill knows me by name because I have been there so many times to drop off items), I have sold alot of things through craigslist, sold alot of things online, given things to friends, and have taken unwanted furniture to a resell store. I still have alot of things to go through because my large walk-in closet isn't so "walk-in" and has become a storage room. When I was nearing the end of moving (mind you that I moved a large 3 bedroom apartment almost by myself), I was ready to just throw everything in the dumpster because I was OVER IT ALL! But, I didn't because I figured I could squeeze some money out of what I wanted to get rid of. I did set a time limit on how long I was going to keep the stuff that I was selling, and if it hadn't sold by then, then it went to Goodwill. I went through every box and through everything that could hold the slightest things, and decluttered everything. I am a single mom now (the move was due to divorce), and I will be starting a job soon, so I won't have time nor the energy to deal with all the "stuff". I am basically streamlining my home and my LIFE. I must say, that it feels SO GOOD to have gotten rid of all the "stuff"!! It's the best weight loss ever!
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Well I keep trying the "Lets just pick up...when we get there" line, but to not a lot avail.

The good news is that anything that is opened right now is being tossed and bought at the new home.

Also all the bookcases he talked about last night are sitting on our front lawn. My sister may pick them up for my SIL, if not, they're going to the curb

Basically all I kept seeing was the price of this move going up and up. I really freaked seeing all of those boxes last night and began to think that we're WAY over the quote we were given. I'm hoping this is our last move for a LONG LONG time. Either that or by the time we move again we have the movers box everything for us (cause I want to be making that sort of money by then! ).
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I feel your "misery" - I really do! I had to move SIX times in about a 3-year time span (loooong story!) and if I never have to move again, it's too soon for me! It's soooo stressful! I'm still unpacking from the last move!

Good luck & good vibes!

Bless your heart,
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