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New Born Rabbits

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Prepare to melt in awe!!!

at only 5 days old they look almost twice as big as they were when they were born.
and they're all fuzzy!!

had to lighten these pics on photoshop cause I didn't use the flash, so they might be a bit blurry and what not.

look how big s/he has gotten!!!

rough estimate at how big they are.


*awaits the awes* :p
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! there are beyond adorable!! I can't stand the cuteness!
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OHMYGOODNESS!!! how adorable are they?? Are you keeping them all? Would love to see more photos as they grow please
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How Precious!!! I would love to watch them grow, too! Please keep us updated!
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I surely would love to keep you guys updated! I am having so much fun watching them grow!!
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Oh my goodness! Look at their little tails! And their little ears!

Yes, yes, yes - please keep us updated. They are just adorable!
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awww there so cute and sweet

your so lucky
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the cutiepies!!!!!
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they are really cute. I have a question to ask did you breed your rabbit or was it a accident? i have 2 bunnies a female thatis about 1 1/2 and a male that we got about 3 weeks ago they told us he was 14 weeks old and my kids put the two of them together and now the female has been acting really weird id the male to yound to reproduce or is he old enough? second how can i tell for sure if she is pregant? if you could please E-mail me at

i would like any help you could give me thanks!
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Awww I love the blue and white one, and the black is cute too Only 2???

Anyway I think rabbits are only pregnant about 30 days and don't remember how young they can breed, but there's a good chance if the 2 rabbits are together and he's "bred" her, she's pregnant.

Better read up on breeding bunnies so you are prepared
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Awwwwwwwwwwe! They are SO adorable!
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Well when we got the girl we thought she was a boy, until they mated, so it was an accident, but a beautiful one at that!!

I wasn't that worried about her having babies because I figured if she was afirst time mum she might not even want to care for them, therefor they would be her trial run and they would most likely die. However she only had two, which is suitable for her size and she has been the best mum and keeping them well and healthy!!

and don't worry, the male and female were seperated beforehand

and to answer you're quiestion rockyzeus (i'll also email this to you)

14 weeks is pretty young, but I would imagine he could probably get her pregnant, babies can usually start mating at 10 weeks.

I would recommend seperating the two.
you can't really tell if she is pregnant, if she is a big bunn she will have more babies and you can sometimes feel them if you gently feel around her belly, otherwise if she starts making a nest she most likely will be pregnant, watch out for her if she pulls out fur because that usually means they are close to come.
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Day 6

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I think those itty bitty baby bunnies might even be cuter than itty bitty baby kitties!!!
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That is the absolute sweetest thing I've seen in my life!!!!!!
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O...O...O...O...O... Too cute! Just too, too cute!
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Aww they a so itty bitty!! These pics make me miss my Bunny Boo and Hunny Bunny, those were my rabbits!
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Melt I reckon!! How adorable!!!
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1 week old!

I got some really good pics as well.

ignore my balloon hand :o

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8 days old

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Awwwwww little babies ...... when will they open their eyes and start hopping?
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they usually open their eyes around 10 days old, it's going to be really cool.
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Ah that will be soon and then we can see them with their eyes open ...... is that also when they will be hopping around?
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OMG, they are so cute!!! I love their little fuzzy ears. Great closeup of the grey one's mouth. That is just too precious.
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they are soooo cute
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They are so cute!!!!
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They are ADORABLE!!
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They are such sweet little ones!!!!! Thankyou for sharing such cute pics with us!! I have a female blue holland lop named Sophie so i'm partial to bunnies

please look into having the momma and all of the babies spayed/neutered when they're ready by a vet that specializes in rabbits.
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Oh..... my.... god!

They are soooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!! *squeals*
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they are abosulutely adorable
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