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Embarassed my mom

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Yesterday was my moms birthday so my DH and I were invited to go to dinner with her, my dad and grandparents. We ate mexican and I slyly told the waitress it was my moms B-day. After we ate, a bunch of the staff came out with a dessert and put a big sombrero on my moms head. We all clapped and sang happy birthday. She was totally embarassed at first but I think she enjoyed it. Ha, ha, I got her good.
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Hahahah my mom would have been furious! She hates that kind of "public humiliation" Good job though!!!
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That's a good one!
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My dad had the same reaction once. We can but try!
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my parents once did that to me at red lobster- I had to wear a foam lobster hat, I think I was as red as it was!!

I think your Mom loved it!
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Hahaha, OMG I would hate that!!
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I'm a waitress and I love to do that for people. It's so much fun to see their reactions!

Just be sure to tip extra for it, I know at where I work, it really does interrupt your flow of things even if you are just a little bit busy.
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Oh I absolutely detest that! I've never liked having a fuss made over my birthday! Never! I can recall attempting to hide under the kitchen table at a birthday party of mine as a kid. I learned that from my cousin though.

DH's birthday is 10 days after mine and we have an agreement to never do that to one another. Our family is in on it too.

Now all this is not to say I've never done it to any friends that enjoy the attention! (Like my friends husband who tied his balloon to his car before he left the restaurant! )
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