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Please Send Prayers for Dee's Husband!

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I received this message from Dee, I had been wondering where she was as have missed her! I am so sorry to hear that Butch is sick! Please lets work some Cat Site magic for her.

Dee you are in my thoughts as is Butch!

Message From Dee!

Sorry I have been out of touch for a while. My husband was taken by ambulance to the hospital early last Monday morning. He has pnumonia and is very very sick. We almost lost him twice in the first 2 days. He has turned the corner but he will be in the hospital another 2 weeks and his recouperation will take a long time as his lungs are damaged. So please say some prayers for us. Let me hear from you sweetling.
Blessed be.
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Prayers being sent for you Dee, Butch and your family, for strength and peace and a good recovery.

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Prayers are flying from here as well. please give her my best and tell her to take care of herself as well as her hubby.
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Leslie - please pass on love and prayers to Dee and Butch. Hope the road to recovery is very, very quick.
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I'm sorry to hear Dee's husband is so ill. Prayers and positive thoughts are on the way to both of them!!!!
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Oh no! My prayers and thoughts are with Dee and her family and for a speedy recovery.

(((HUGS to Dee)))
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Most positive healing thoughts and vibes being sent her way!

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I've seen this work before so I am sending them from Lansing!
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Prayers coming your way from Ohio!
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Prayers streaming through from Illinois!!
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I'm praying now for Butch. This happened to me last year, and I know how lucky I am to be alive. God bless and heal him and give Dee comfort.
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More positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.
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Positive energy flying out from Colorado!
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Dee, prayers heading your way
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Thanks Everyone!

I have emailed Dee your responses but haven't heard back for a while! I know she appreciates all you kindness though! And she will read them!
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Positive thoughts from me and my family in Iowa for a speedy recovery!!!!!!!!!
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Sending good thoughts and lots of prayers from Nebraska!!
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Prayers coming from NJ. My mum gets pneumonia (requiring hospitalization) every 3 - 4 years. It is very scary. For everyone. Prayers, healing thoughts, and hugs.

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More good thoughts, prayers and positive energy from Colorado!
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Leslie Dearling,
Thank you so much. Please let everyone know they have our thanks and appreciation. Will do it personally when I have the time to get on site. Butch is doing much better but he will be in the hospital at least 2 more weeks. The peumonia damaged his lungs and they are going to take a long time to heal.
They will be doing pulmonary therapy with him to help the healing process as much as possible. He is able to talk now and is on minimal oxygen so I am in contact with him several times a day and do not have to go and stay at the hospital. I spent the first 6 days, day and night there. Got little to no sleep so I am pretty tired. The furkids don't understand where he is and they look for him during the day. The last 2 nights that I've been home they have all slept on the bed with me, lined up on his side of the bed. They know something is wrong but arn't able to understand what. I am going to go to bed now. I can't thank everyone enough sweetling for all their comforting words and support. Will be in touch in the next couple of days.
Blessed be.
Love & Hugs, Dee
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I just read this...I am so glad to hear he is doing better, but I will continue to hold him and Dee in my thoughts and prayers until they find out what is wrong and he is well again!!!!
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Blessings to you all. Thank you so much for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. The Good Father heard you and Butch is now home. The furkids have not let him out of sight since he's been home. One of them is always with him and if he moves to another room they all have to go see where he is before they go back to doing their thing. We will have to watch closely for any cold or flu type respitory symptoms since his lungs are not yet healed and he could easily catch pnemonia again. It was so scarey to watch and listen to him struggle to breath. But he had a great doctor and wonderful nurses. We would both prefer, however, not to have to ever go through this again.

I would ask for your prayers again to help me get through this month. The 24th of February my Mom will have been gone one year. My heart is still raw and I miss her so much. Christmas was especially hard as Christmas of 2001 was the last time we were all together. On Christmas Eve this year Mom and Dad would have been married 60 years.

Blessed Be everyone.
Hugs, Dee
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Dee I am so glad Butch is home! I know you are still going through so much! My thoughts are always with you and I am only an email away!

My Mum passed on the 25th of February last year so it's also raw and I know how you feel! I dread each day! I am here for you and I know that together we will get through it again just like we did at Christmas! I felt so down tonight! I just wanted a cuddle from Mum and my heart breaks each time I think of her! I find myself trying not to because it still hurts to much!

Hold my hand and we will walk this road together!

Lot's of love as always

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I am gald that the emergency is over, and Butch is safely home.

As to your mom, I understand what you are going through. I lost my dad a little over 2 years ago. The pain fades with time, but is never completely gone. Sometimes things will remind you of her so vividly. Anytime something important happens in my life, I just look up and smile, because I know my dad is up there watching it too.
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It is a well-known fact that fur kids can promote better health on ailing patients, so these cats are on that mission now. My vet believes that they catch a scent that is not quite right from the person they love who is so sick, and they stay around to comfort and try and console that loved one. The best kind of nursing care!

I will be thinking of you around that anniversary date and sending up prayers of strength. Surround yourself with those who love you and try to stay busy and know your mom would be so proud of you today.
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Dee, I'm so glad to hear that your hubby is home. I will send continued prayers your way that you never have to live through that again.

My thoughts and prayers will be with you on the 24th. I too, lost my mom a little over 2 years ago. It's a daily struggle. My heart goes out to you in this difficult time (((HUGS)))

Bundy....I'll be saying prayers for you too on the 25th.
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So glad he's home! We just had a bit of a worry ourselves - Gary had to go to the hospital for pneumonia! Thankfully, he was just there for basically two days (and three nights). No lung damage. But at least he's taking his illness more seriously now!!!!!

Continued prayers for a speedy recovery.

I'll send up special prayers on the 24th.

Leslie - same for you the 25th.

{{{{{Hugs}}}}} all around.

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I am so glad to hear your husband is home now Dee!! I will continue to pray that everything keeps going well. And Laurie, I am sorry about Gary, I hope he is feeling much better!
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Leslie Sweetling,
I will hold your hand and you will hold mine. I sent you a long e-mail hope you got it.
Am awaiting your response.
Blessed Be.
Love & Hugs, Dee
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Deb, Hissy, Ghyslaine, Laurie & Debbie,

Thank you so much. I'm glad Gary is well and home. We hear about pneumonia every day and it seems pretty routine. You don't hear much about the fact that it can kill you very quickly. I, also, believe that our furkids help keep us healthy and content. I don't think we could live without ours. Its very calming and peaceful just to stroke one of them and have them watch us with those big mysterious eyes. I can't imagine what they are thinking most times.

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for this month. It is very very difficult. Logically I know that Mom is gone but I have yet to acknowledge it in my heart. Thank you again.

Blessed Be.
Hugs, Dee
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