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Cat Bathing

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Hee hee!

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I wanted to laugh, but it's too close to the truth

It's funny - Nik loves water, jumps in the shower after we use it, drinks from the tap, dabs his paws in bath *while* I'm in it - he even fell in once and was fine with that. So we thought, well, maybe we'll try bathing him.

Uh. Big mistake. It was possibly to scariest two and half minutes of my life - and, he's a russian , with a double coat - do you know how much water they soak up? It took hours to dry him.

Oh well, he did forgive us eventually.

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I am lucky that Kahu is deaf, that way I can use a hair dryer on him to dry him quickly.
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on blow to dry our persians. It works great. I do need to get a more flexable hose though!
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You use a vac to dry the cats? How would something like that work if it sucks instead of dries? I am confused.
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Oh god, I laughed so hard I cried.

I personally don't bathe my cats, at least not in that way, I just bought kitty wipes and that is what I use. I never have a problem, though it does seem to offend them when I use them.
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