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Mean Kitty! *giggle*

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I don't know if any of you have seen this before, but my husband just found this posted on a forum he talks on.

It is toooo funny and SO true. I love his "Safety equipment"

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Yes, it's already in fur pics
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so beautiful KITTY!.. the guy is for you girls!!!!.....
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That was adorable!!!!!!

I love baby kitties
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very amusing.
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That's one of the best home videos I've ever seen -- thanks for sharing!
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That's funny and very sweet! Reminds me of the stage my 2 both went through one after the other when they just have to push those boundaries, see what they can get away with and it usually involves their little baby teeth clamped onto you in some way!
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Hahahha...jeez. So true.
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haha, yeah, that was posted before but it's still cute!
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Yes it was posted previously, I think the day after it was put up on YouTube. I liked it so much, I added it to my favourites, and then embedded it on to my MySpace page. Both Little Sparta and his owner are adorable, and the song is so cute and catchy. Now it's one of the MOST watched Video's on YouTube.
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Oh my goodness! That is the first time I've seen that and it is soooo funny and cute. Thanks for sharing again.
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