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So sad, and scary

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I went outside to walk one of the dogs about an hour ago, and heard sirens off in the distance. They kept coming closer and closer and then I heard them turn down our road. They stopped abruptly, and it sounded like it was very close. So I ran up to investigate. There were three ambulances, two fire trucks, a police car and several civilian vehicles. From the side of our field I could see most of what was going on. They had the road completely blocked off with emergency vehicles. One of the vans there was completely destroyed. They loaded up all three ambulances but only one left with it's sirens and lights .
The absolute scariest part was that it was right about the time John and his mom should have been almost home from work. They would most likely have been in that exact spot had it not been for the fact that they stopped to pick up dinner for everyone. I called them just to double check that they were ok because I couldn't see all the vehicles involved.
Just another moment that makes me stop and think, "that could have been someone I love". Please send thoughts and vibes to the victims of the accident, their families, and all of the kind people who stopped to help when the accident first happened and as they drove away you could see very clearly how much the accident had affected them.
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Wow! That is scary/sad. I am definately sending vibes to all involved!!
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How horrible I will keep the families in my prayers.
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Oh my gosh...how scary, but what a relief for you. and for all of those in he accident...hopefully no injuries were fatal.
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I have that same thought and fear almost every day when I see a wreck or watch the cavalcade of violent crime on the local news. Every time I get to the end of a day with all my family and close friends intact, I feel like we've cheated death one more time, y'know?

Ask not for whom the siren wails, so to speak... it wails for thee.
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Yes, it is always too bad when lives are lost, especially when it's completely avoidable, as in vehicular incidents. I guess it is good to look on the bright side of the fact that it was NOT any of your loved ones, though! That's a blessing, isn't it?
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