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Will my sofa ever be the same?

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I haven´t written since, well I don´t even remember, but so much has happened!
We had 2 pregnancies in the household, one of them was me and the other my older cat, Pollyanna. We have always been very close, and now we had our first babies 5 days apart. I had only one (!), but Pollyanna had 3 beautyful kittens. One of them died only few minutes after birth and was burried in my parents garden (where there are also a few birds, hamsters and frogs). The other 2 went together to a wery nice family.

Well, to cut a long story short, my problem today is about my other cat, Feykirofa. She is on the pill, and for a long time it has been the plan to get her spayed, but it is very expensive, so we keep putting it off for a while....
Well, over Christmas the pill got into some confusion and the same day we finally gave her the pill, she got into heat. As the vet advised us, we were going to give her the pill 4 days in a row, and then we decited to get her spayed asap.
But...twice in that 4 days she peed in the living room sofa. It went through the cushions and on to the material beneath and also on the arm and the back. We have taken the cower off and washed that, but the smell won´t go from the cushions and arm and back and the sofa benieth the cushions. We have tried to let the cushions in the shower for a long time, and to put vinegar on the spots and something I dont know how to say in english, something sometimes used to sterilize, but nothing works, the smell in my home is terrible. There was also pee on the laptop case and a leather case that also both still smell strongly.
PLEASE, if you know of any odour releazing advise, let me know!!!
I live in a one bedroom flat, so this kind of makes my whole home stink!
We have an appointment to get her spayed on tuesday, but the vet said that is no garanti that this behaivior will stop, once it has started, so if you have any advise on that as well...I can imagine it is difficult to stop her doing that, if we cant the the odour away.
Looking forward to hear from you!
Sesselja =^..^=
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Did you take her to the vet to have her checked for an urinary tract infection? That is usually the first thing to do. If she is cleared of any health issues, then add a second litterbox and keep both boxes clean, scrub them out daily. You can put her food bowls on top of where she has peed, to stop her from peeing there again. If you can get some Scope mouthwash, it will help cut the smell down, but check it on the fabric in a small area to see if it damages it or not. There are products you can buy in the United States that are enzyme strippers but in your country, I do not know what is available? One thing you can do is take an old sheet you do not care about and soak it for 24 hours in a mixture of lemon juice and water. Wring it out and air dry it, and use that to cover the area that your cat is using as a bathroom. Good luck!
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