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OMG I just got a new vaccuum...

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I've been surviving with a mini vaccuum my parents got me when I lived in the dorm... and it has been working, but it's a pain, so I just bought a brand new vaccuum ( this one if you're interested).

I did just my living room... and I think I could make another Zissou out of the fur I pulled up. I thought I vacuumed less than a week ago. The canister is HALF FULL! Maybe more than half full! From a single room.

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Wow - let me know how you still like it in a few months - is it still working well - we will be in need of a vacuum soon
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Hey, remind me, and I certainly will So far it's amazing! I was looking for the cheapest good vaccuum I could get, read reviews of a bunch. A lot of them in this price range get awful reviews.

I just went back and vaccuumed the same room again (not that I only have two...) and got a bunch more cat hair, and I tried it out on the litter that gets tracked out and it picked that up. Hope it keeps going strong!
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OMG thats a lot of fur new hoovers always make you feel dirty don't you think? you can hoover the day before and a new one will always get dirt up
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For real, now I'm looking at my floor like "ew!" and my nephew might be coming to spend the night in a couple of weekends so I'm glad I got it clean (and can keep it that way) for him to crawl on.

One of my friends once found a bunch of carpet bugs in his carpet, and ripped it up and threw it out the window that night... I feel like that! Even though it was just hair.
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A friend of mine has that exact vaccum. She has 2 cats, a dog, and 2 teenagers that always have their friends over. She's had it for about 2 years now (I am guessing), and it still works like a champ.

I have a Hoover Wind Tunnel vaccum that could suck the blubber out of a whale, and I love it.
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A new vacuum cleaner! YEAH!!

I had what I thought was a high end vacuum cleaner and got a great deal on a Sears model (rated higher in consumer reports than a Dyson I might add). I was absolutely stunned at the amount of hair I got out of my carpet and I did take the test and vacuumed with my old vacuum first. Made me think that I was living like a pig for a long time (no offense to pig lovers)!

I have to empty the cannister 3 times just when I do the main floor of my house and that's when I vacuum every week.

Don't vacuums suck?
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Don't vacuums suck?
They do!

This is my first real vacuum in my life. I don't know why it seemed like such a milestone...
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post
This is my first real vacuum in my life. I don't know why it seemed like such a milestone...
You need more cats. I don't remember a time when I haven't had anything less than 2 vacuum cleaners in my house. When they start to get old, I buy a new one and use the older one as a back up in case of problems. I just have too much hair to be without one for even a day. I'm sitting on 4 vacuums right now - one for the upstairs carpet, one for the downstairs carpet, one for bare floors (that can also do carpets in a pinch) and the house came with a whole house vacuum system which I use mostly on the stairs since its just a long hose with an attachment and easy to maneuver.
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We have a Eureka The Boss 4870. I love it.
It's way better than the ancient Kirby I bought in college.

Definitely keep us posted on that vacuum. Sometimes my friends ask for vacuum recommendations.
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