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Vomiting Kitties =x

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We recently got a new cat (had him for about a month). When we first got him he vomited and it thought it was just stress and thought nothing of it. He hadn't done it in about 2 weeeks since then. Then once he got accquanted with our other cats, one of them started to vomit. We also didn't think anything of this because he is Diabetic. We took him to the vet and the vet found nothing wrong. Periodically the new cat would make a movement like he was going to puke but didn't. Now our oldest cat is starting to puke as well. From what I've seen it's been partially undigested food, although our cats have been eating their specific food.

I'm not sure what could be the cause of it. Maybe stress? Or maybe parasites? =x I think they may be sneaking each other's food while we're not looking (we keep them seperated .. but we were feeding a different type of food for each one). Any opinions until I can get them to the vet would be appreciated.
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I would look to see if your kitties are swallowing a lot (not while they are eating) and if their meows are possibly rusty or if they are unusually quiet and not meowing.

My cats recently had a mild sore throat which caused them to vomit clear liquid and act like they were gagging. I keep foster kitties around, so sometimes these airborne viruses make their way to my own kitties, even though I keep them in separate rooms.

Since your kitty is new, it could have picked up something from the shelter or foster home where it was and then the stress of a new home made his immunity low and now he is showing a mild virus.
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Sounds like a hairball to me! Try giving them some Petromalt, or other hairball stuff. I think it'll help get that hairball up.

Ginger used to vomit almost weekly when she was a kitten. I stopped giving her anything Pounce makes, and started feeding her hairball gel, and that did the trick.
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Yeah I also tried laxatone (hairball goo) before taking my cat to the vet where I got the sore throat diagnosis.

The hairball stuff seemed to make my kitty more comfortable anyhow, so it is worth a try with your babies especially if it is the reason for the gagging. They could be grooming more too, especially if they are stressed with the new kitty coming in; they tend to shed more when stressed.
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Upon futher examination of my oldest kitty's vomit - I discovered bits and pieces of fur! Look as thought that may very well be the problem. Going to go get some of that hairball remedy as soon as I get the chance - to see if that's what causing all the distress.

I'll keep you all updated. Thanks!
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BE CAREFUL many hairball remedies have sugar
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Sharky, that's exactly why I didn't buy any of the ones I saw today (even at the good pet food store, the few they had all seemed full of sugar). A quick online search revealed Vetbasis as a sugar-free possibility. What do you recommend?
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I use Vet basis but they added chn flv and some cats are not as happy
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It's interesting that they contain sugar because cats don't seem to respond to sugar products. I wonder what the strategy is for using sugar?
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