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My 3 year old female cat got fixed exactly a week ago. She was quiet (obviously) for several days, and now seems to be getting more active again. She's always done this thing where she yowls at night; we figured this was because she was in heat. She would also occasionally grab a pair of socks, underwear, small articles of clothing, and carry them around the house while yowling. Because this was happening at the same time as the heat-noises, we weren't sure if they were related or not.

Now she's yowling at night again, and stealing our socks. Is she hunting our clothes and yelling for us to see what a good job she did? Is there a way to get her to stop doing this at night, possibly by playing with her more during the day and before bed? Does she miss hunting real animals outside?

Any input would be awesome. I love my cat, but I get cranky without a good night's sleep.
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It does take time for the hormonal change to settle, some cats even go into heat symptomatically after surgery. I have to say, I know exactly what you are describing! This is Maia to a T! She regularly talks to me, calls me, looks for acknowledgment from me! I talk to her a lot, a lot! And if she insists on being obnoxious when I am sleeping, she gets the "pillow"!
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Just curious if she's a siamese/oriental or siamese mix? Some oriental cats tend to talk more in or out of heat.
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I'm not sure if she might have some Siamese in her. Though I suppose it's entirely possible. I got her from the animal shelter, and they apparently found her in the bush somewhere. She was a scraggly little thing when we first got her. She definitely has the eyes for it, but like I said, I'm not sure.

She doesn't talk much during the day. Or maybe it's more a matter that I'm around to answer her immediately, so she doesn't get loud about it. I think it's funny that she picks up clothes and runs around with them while she makes the noise.. just not at night!
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