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Yard Art

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need I say more

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Now that's a good tree for the cats to climb
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zoinks!!! that was a BIG tree!! look at all those roots!!

it took me a minute to realize what it was
post #4 of 12 I'd never really pictured trees to have that many roots! But it does make beautiful yard art!
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Oooh! Just in time for halloween!

Seriously though, that was one gigantic tree!
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Wow Gail, did that come out of your yard?!
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that is huge!
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OMG!!! big!!!.....MAYBE frodo ( from lord of rings ) can make their home inside!....

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I think birds would like to perch on it!! If it wasn't so close to the road I'm sure at least Bakker would enjoy climbing on it.

With our type of sandy soil this will never rot (the tree has been dead two yrs already)
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That gives me the willies!!!!
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I think tree roots like that are neat looking. With the drier weather here and people going for the whole midwest/southern look in decor, I've seen a lot of old roots used in rock gardens or even beds with cactus, native grasses, and yucca planted around them.
Of course that would need to be cut down to workable sizes.
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Wow! You're gonna need a crane to move that
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