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Garden question

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We have a small garden this year... tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, cantaloupe, sunflowers, pumpkins and a grape vine. I also have a cactus, spearmint, and random flowers in pots. I just checked the forecast and they're calling for temperatures in the 30s on Saturday night! I can bring the cactus and other potted plants inside but will everything else survive?
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I can't answer your question i'm afraid, but you should register on our Verdant forum here?.


I need to get back in there at the weekend because i've got a question about my pine trees
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If it falls below 32 most likely not. However you can always cover it with some plastic or newspapers if you can't harvest.
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No they will not survive. Vine crops are very suseptible to frost as are tomatoes and peppers. We are forecast to have a low of 34F tonite and I will be bringing in all my annual containers and covering my veg plants. I would rather cover and protect the plants rather than guessing what the temps will actually be!!

If you have old sheets they would work well but the bottoms should be weighted down so they don't come off during the evening.

My veg garden is located in a lower section of my property therefore very suseptible to frost. I actually will be using some tarps on my rows of basil and peppers.

The grape vine will be ok and perhaps the sunflowers.

If you have any produce that you could pick to be on the safe side.....
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We only have some tomatoes left in our garden. The other nite we covered them with a quilt overnite. Will have to do it again tonite.

Find a blanket to throw over them (tomatoes especially) to keep off the frost - remember to take it off in the morning when the sun comes up
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