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Reaching a Huge Milestone Today

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Today I am reaching a huge, HUGE milestone for myself, as of this pay-cheque I am completely out of debt.

I got so sick and tired of being up to my you know what in bills all the time I decided enough is enough, got all my debts consolidated.

Bank loan, student loans, credit cards, everything and have spent the six years paying that off...and today it is offical it's done...

It feels fantastic

What am I going to do now you ask????

Start saving a down payment for a house which I hope to purchase within the next couple of years.

For today anyway LIFE IS GOOD
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Congratulations on reaching this milestone!!! I bet you feel really good right now.
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Congratulations!!! Yes, indeed that IS huge! Not many Americans (or any of us ) can say that these days. I wish I had your discipline.

You deserve to celebrate!!!!!
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Well done you!
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What a huge milestone. I agree, you deserve to celebrate!
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That is fantastic!!!
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That is definitely cause for celebration. WTG!
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That's amazing! Well done and congrats
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What company did you use to consolidate? Did they negotiate lower interest rates for you?

I have high debt, manageable, not missing or being late on anything, but have thought about debt consolidation.

There are too many BAD companies out there that scam folks out of their money and don't pay the debtors so their credit gets even more ruined.

I'd definitely love to hear how you did it!
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yay for you well done
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That is seriously awesome!!
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That is such FANTASTIC news!!! Keep it up--try not to put anything on credit you can't' pay back within a month. Great going!!!
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Well done! That is a huge achievement!

I must advise you though that you leave your credit accounts open and keep them active by putting small amounts on them from time to time. Mortgage companies typically like to see 5 trade lines with at least a two year history on each of them, and 3 that have been used within the last couple of months. It has a significant impact on the interest rate, and your ability to get a loan.
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Good for you! That's the way it needs to be done!

Aside from mortgage, I made myself debt free years ago, and have kept it that way!
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Congratulations! What an awesome accomplishment!
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Outstanding! That really is an achievement!
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Originally Posted by menasmom View Post
That is such FANTASTIC news!!! Keep it up--try not to put anything on credit you can't' pay back within a month. Great going!!!
Yes I learned my lesson about credit card debt that's for sure. I am very much a if you want it save up for it kind of person now.
The only draw back of coarse is that so many things require are credit card especially online. Luckily though I use Paypal and they allow e-cheques.

I certainly now think long and hard about whether I really need the things I am thinking about purchasing.
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Congratulations that is so GREAT
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As of next week, I will be the same!!

Its a great feeling, isn't it?!
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Congrats on finally paying off all of your debt!!
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OMG that is great news!! You must feel so releived!!
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Wow! I am so jealous!! Congratulations!
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That is a HUGE accomplishment!
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