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Weepy eye.

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One of Pixie's kittens, has a slightly weeping eye. I have been dabbing it with warm water, is there anything else I can try to prevent me having to go to the vets? Obviously I will talke her if this goes on much longer or gets worse, but it's only been like it yesterday and today. Thanks Nicola.
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just hold a towel with warm water over it like you are doing, that may work but if you notice any redness, if the eye swells shut or if there is any thick gooey discharge, then off to the vets for some ointment.
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There is an article in this week's issue of Cat Watch (Cornell School of Vet Medicine) about conjunctivitis in cats and saying it often self cures.

I would use a soft warm washcloth to remove the goop and be careful to launder it and not leave it around for the other kittens/cats to get on it since this is just like pink eye in humans, very contagious.

The article says conjunctivitis mostly self-heals. If it were me I would watch the eye carefully to see if it gets worse before taking the kitten in. Assuming it is conjunctivitis, don't be surprised if other kittens and mom get this too, with all that close contact.

If you do take your kitten in, make sure the vet swabs or does something to diagnose it properly, since the common treatment for eye infections is steroidal eye drops which, if the infection is actually herpesvirus-originated, will make it worse.
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