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Cleaning a rear end

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I have a female 1 1/2 year old that is about a pound and a half overweight. She's short bodied to begin with so this adds quite a pooch down in her lower abdomen area. I'm saying this because I think this is why she doesn't stay as clean as she should down in her private areas, like maybe she can't reach the area as well as she normally would?

When I try to wash her down there I'm having a hard time getting the dried poo poo to wash off the fur. Any tips of how to hold her so that I can have easier access and hopefully quicker cleaning time?

She really hates me messing with her down there and gets rather angry with me. Luckily she instantly forgives me!

I'm no good with the holding a cat by the scruff of the neck. For some reason I can't get a good enough hold on a cat to imobilize them that way.
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She might not be able to clean herself properly because she is overweight. You can help her by clipping the fur around her rear and on the back of her legs. Use bandage scissors so you don't accidently cut her. To find out if she needs to lose weight, lay on the floor and have someone lay her on your chest.If you have trouble breathing, then you kitty is a tad overweight and could use some diet changes.
You can wash the area with a dampened washcloth and rub a little cornstarch into her fur as well- then groom her out.
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I often use the 2-stage method for any kitty cleaning of dried gunk (eyes, bottom etc):

Get a bowl of warm (kitty temperature) water.(If water is same temp as kitty, kitty won't know you're getting her wet.)

Dip paper towel in warm water and gently douse the stained area as you pet kitty, or as kitty is walking by. You can also do this if they are eating as long if they aren't the "don't mess with me when I eat" cats.

Wait about a couple minutes. The gunk will have softened. Wipe again with warm, wet paper towel. It should be a lot easier to wipe off.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the ideas, I have her pretty clean right now finally, I'll try the 2 stage approach next time and see how that goes, and then also try the towel method and see how she reacts. Her fur is already very very close to her body, so I'm not sure if I'll try trimming it any. She's a European Burmese and their fur is very close lying to their body and they don't shed when you pet them! They will shed a little off onto a blanket, etc. but that's about it. I'm loving it!

Thanks again for the tips!
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We have a cat who has anal gland issues, so we have to clean her crusty butt on a regular basis. Baby wipes are a great tool, they are tougher than paper towel and have some cleaning power - I'd suggest getting the fragrance free ones, though.

To immobilize I put Winnie on a chair and stand so that her body is between my legs with her head sticking out behind me. I can pin her with my thighs, and she can't get to where I'm working on her.
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JulieB, thanks! that sounds like an excellent way to do it, I'm gonna try it this weekend!
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